Pioneering electric battery recycling during the era of global electrification

    This eBook explores how ACE Green Recycling is pioneering methods to recycle more than 98% of electric battery materials, without causing greenhouse gas emissions or toxic liquids.

    The electric battery revolution will spark one of the most significant shifts in technological history, as the world makes the transition to green, emission-free energy and strives to achieve net-zero targets. However, it is crucial that companies utilise the world’s critical raw materials responsibly.

    Electric batteries play a vital role in our everyday lives. They are found in mobile phones, laptops, and electric vehicles, which are key components in driving our planet towards carbon neutrality.

    As the production of electric vehicles continues to grow, the demand for lithium – which is at the centre of electric battery material – is predicted to soar. Lithium is a limited critical resource and is disproportionately situated around the world; mainly found in Australia, Argentina, Chile, and China.  Limited supply causes challenges for most countries’ battery metals supply chains. Either they are unable to transition to electrification, or they increase their carbon emissions through transportation of the resource.

    In order to overcome these issues, ACE Green Recycling is pioneering unparalleled electric battery recycling technology. The low-temperature extraction methods are able to successfully recover more than 98% of battery materials. The method prevents toxic materials from air exposure, which is prominent in other battery recycling methods.

    The technology is cost-effective and reduces the import of new battery materials by more than 90%. ACE’s one-of-a-kind technology reduces the burden on precious lithium reserves and builds a circular economy for electric battery production worldwide.

    Topics in this eBook include:

    • Sustainable supply chain solutions for the transition to a green economy;
    • The advantages of sustainable recycling in the lithium-ion supply chain;
    • The challenges of building domestic battery supply chains; and
    • How ACE are overcoming industry challenges. 

    About ACE Green Recycling

    ACE have developed the world’s cleanest battery recycling technology, deploying it independently and with partners. Investors in ACE’s technology can increase their scale and profitability, invest in clean technology, and receive a steady supply of recycled batteries.

    They are currently developing battery recycling plants across the world, with start-ups in Singapore, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and the US.

    By 2025, ACE are aiming to transform the planet from carbon positive to climate positive, by creating safe and green jobs. They estimate that their work will prevent 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, along with the recycling of 130,000 tonnes of plastic.

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