Delivering protection and performance in the security industry

    In recent years, perimeter protection for public and utility sectors has grown dramatically in importance.

    An increasing awareness of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and the changing nature of threats posed both by independent and state-sponsored actors mean that perimeter protection for public and utility sectors has become a vital consideration. This was brought to light by Ofwat, which has made addressing security vulnerabilities a specific expectation and requirement of water companies in its forthcoming 2019 price review.

    Business plans will now be assessed based on a company’s use of data, engagement with other utilities and organisations to develop best practice for tackling vulnerabilities, and their specific measures to address their own security weaknesses. For this reason, having efficient, effective and targeted security measures is vital for utility companies.

    How can these companies take security more seriously?

    In this booklet, Gallagher Security – a division of Gallagher Group, a global leader in innovation, manufacture and marketing of security systems – explains its people-focused approach to risk management, and how this can prevent and combat cyber, terror and other, more traditional threats.

    Because people are at the heart of Gallagher’s processes – in terms of safety and security of premises and resources, but also in terms of planning and decision making on appropriate measures – the company’s approach to security can improve customer service, increase business efficiency and reduce costs.

    Gallagher also provides innovative site management solutions, to inform utilities and other companies what they should consider in managing risks, ensuring staff members are competent to carry out their duties, and identifying impairments such as drug or alcohol use, or fatigue.

    What about perimeter security?

    Gallagher recommends a layered approach to perimeter protection for public and utility sectors, focusing on the perimeter as the first cordon of security, and taking advantage of CCTV and radar to expand beyond this external border.

    Further, this booklet outlines how companies can install successively harder rings of security around their premises, to protect critical infrastructure and provide levels of security which will reassure customers and protect resources. It details a number of innovative technologies making this possible, to ensure companies can select the security solution that suits them.

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