Dedicated short-range communications for electronic tolling

    NORBIT is an international, knowledge-based group that continuously designs, develops and manufactures high technology products, systems and solutions to meet its customers’ changing needs.

    Its expertise ranges from specialised surface and subsea systems to dedicated short-range communications products. Based in Trondheim, Norway, NORBIT employs short-range communications design and manufacturing expertise dating back to 1980 to develop revolutionary technologies in four key areas:

    • Subsea;
    • Intelligent traffic systems (ITS);
    • Original design manufacturing in electronics; and
    • Electronic manufacturing services.

    In light of recently announced European Union plans to introduce a new generation of digital tachographs for trucks with the smart tachograph, launching in 2019, NORBIT takes the opportunity in this booklet to describe how this new generation will profit from dedicated short-range communications, which is already a well-established technology used in electronic tolling systems throughout Europe.

    EU Implementation Regulations require smart tachographs to also include global navigation satellite system functionality, which can provide data on a vehicle’s geographical position. Beginning in 2019, each new truck will be required to be equipped with a smart short-range communications tachograph.

    What short-range communications solutions does NORBIT offer?

    NORBIT has developed a unique dedicated short-range communications technology designed for smart tachographs. It also offers a cost-optimised solution which splits this communication functionality between a processor in the tachograph itself and a small antenna. This is an ideal option for those trucks with limited available windscreen space.

    This booklet breaks down the new requirements for smart tachographs in detail, and explains exactly how the device works. It also outlines advantages of NORBIT’s antenna solution, and profiles the priorities of stakeholders for innovation in the freight and logistics sector.

    It concludes with an examination of how electronic toll collection is changing in response to new technologies, and outlines how dedicated short-range communications system integrators can benefit from the versatility and choice provided by independent suppliers.

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