STAR Dynamics delivers military system performance

    STAR Dynamics Corporation continuously enhances and evolves its next-generation military Instrumentation Radar product line with expanded performance and versatility, driven by the company’s mission statement: ‘Inspiring Innovation’.

    STAR Dynamics’ high-performance radars have been developed and evolved in ongoing support of national defence needs and is powered by industry-leading precision radar technology. STAR Dynamics’ advanced Instrumentation Radars can be employed to improve defence missile lethality by assessing dynamic flight effectiveness, or to maintain system survivability through the verification of radar signature integrity. These precision radars provide unmatched ‘non-cooperative’ standoff evaluation performance, while generating substantial added value through reduced operational expenditures and total lifecycle costs.

    This booklet highlights the increasing need for missile system developers or low observable (LO) maintainers to evaluate their systems in realistic open-air, dynamic flight environments, to account for adverse environmental conditions that can derail overall performance and result in a lack of effectiveness, or worse, friendly-fire incidents.

    How does this technology enable missile system developers to test more effectively?

    As an illustration of benefits for this advanced technology, the booklet specifically summarizes how the STAR Dynamics multi-object tracking radar (MOTR) products can provide a critical test and evaluation solution for missile system development. These precision, time space position information (TSPI) tracking radar systems make it possible to test for baseline missile design performance, numerous mission-corrupting interferers, and quantify performance mitigation/enhancement considerations. The STAR Dynamics TSPI MOTRs also allow for hardware in the loop (HWIL) generation of ‘live fire’ flight test plans incorporating complex scenarios by providing information on position, velocity, acceleration and body dynamics through cost-effective, high-time resolution, and powerful real-time signal processing.

    One such product is the XSTAR MCX-255 TSPI Instrumentation Radar, which offers a number of key performance features, including:

    • Precision, simultaneous, and continuous multi-object TSPI tracking;
    • Programmable, high track update rates;
    • Very wide instantaneous field of view spatial coverage;
    • Simultaneous C-band and X-band ‘skin’ and transponder tracking;
    • High performance continuous-wave waveforms;
    • Extended raw data storage time for post missions analysis; and
    • Advanced human-machine interface.

    These Instrumentation Radars provide advanced and cost-effective solutions for defence programmes that develop, test, and evaluate energetic flight weapon systems. The lifetime of these products will exceed 30 years, and the highly reliable, high-reuse design makes the XSTAR MCX-255 MOTR a truly cost-effective, high performance solution.

    This booklet also explains the science behind the UWB and multi-band architectures that power many of STAR Dynamics’ innovative and unmatched radar systems, and offers more information on an entire suite of solutions that will power near-term stages of defence development efforts.

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