Turku University of Applied Sciences inspires business and engineering leaders

    Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) is an inspiring community of 10,000 members – an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and wellbeing for Southwest Finland. Their graduates are practice-oriented professionals with top competencies.

    Studies at TUAS are working life-oriented and combine theoretical studies with professional skills.

    At the core of teaching is the Innovation Pedagogy, a new approach to learning developed at TUAS. This new approach emphasises the viewpoints of research, development and innovation, as well as of working life, making graduates independently minded professionals.

    This booklet takes a particular focus on:

    • Life as an engineering student at TUAS;
    • Industrial engineering and management;
    • Holistic development for companies; and
    • Developing future engineers.

    Studying at TUAS

    Turku is the fifth biggest city in Finland and, in the field of applied research, TUAS occupies a place in the top tier of Finland. Currently, TUAS co‐ordinates or acts as a partner in more than 160 ongoing research, development and innovation projects.

    This booklet discusses how graduates are improving life with research, development and innovation and the research group of Sales and Business Process Management which works to directly improve competitiveness of local business by increasing knowledge in the field of procurement and leadership, as well as in the field of innovative technology.

    The university continues to discuss ‘Industrial management and engineering: navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse!’. Taken as one very specific profession, engineering and economics are typically named ‘industrial management and engineering’ (IME).

    This booklet takes a special focus on the engineering aspect of industrial management and the degrees offered to students, whilst focusing on how students are prepared to deliver optimal service to future employees.

    Training future engineers with the RADICAL project

    The faculty at TUAS are working to improve the education of engineers by bringing together education, practical training, work life and mentoring. In doing so, Turku University of Applied Sciences is co‐ordinating the RADICAL project with the objective of closing these urgent skills gaps between the demands of working life and education by developing a new regional implementation model for post‐secondary engineering education.

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