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    QMC Quantum Minerals Corp: mineral development for the electric vehicle revolution

    QMC Quantum Minerals Corp is a mineral development company with three established world class mineral rich projects in Canada. QMC is working to develop the supply of lithium and other precious metals for the future of electric vehicles.

    QMC’s major projects consist of: The Irgon Lithium Mine, which is an advanced stage, near-term production lithium project in South-eastern Manitoba. The company’s other projects are the Namew Lake and Rocky Lake projects, which are situated in the world class mining region of Flin Flon and Snow Lake. The Rocky Lake project hosts a VMS deposit, and both the Namew Lake and Rocky Lake have indicated substantial mineralisation from previous drilling efforts.

    Mineral development and securing a supply of raw materials is more vital than ever as we move towards another industrial revolution. Canadian hard rock lithium resources have the potential to lead western lithium production as auto manufacturers turn towards electric vehicles (EVs). The internal combustion engine and its fuel, oil, are set to become relics of the past. The new fuel is lithium and Canada is primed to lead lithium production.

    Energy Metals

    The global demand for lithium has led to enormous interest in QMC and its strategically situated Irgon Lithium prospect in southern Manitoba, Canada.

    QMC’s Irgon Lithium Mine property boasts a high-grade lithium deposit containing an economic historical resource of 1.2 million tonnes grading 1.51% Li2O (est. 236,000 tonnes of 6% lithium concentrate, potential for 5 million tonnes ($3B+ of lithium concentrate).

    The Irgon Lithium prospect holds what has the potential to be one of the most important, historically proven hard rock lithium resources in the Western Hemisphere and is located just across the border from the heart of the US’s automotive industry.

    Precious Metals

    A volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) structure is a rare geological phenomenon that derives from deep into the earth’s crust and flows to surface tremendous quantities of gold, silver, copper, as well as rarer metals.

    One of the biggest clusters of VMS structures found anywhere in the world is situated in central Manitoba where QMC recently secured two mining prospects totalling over 55,400 acres at Rocky Lake and Namew Lake.

    In the last year, both silver and copper have nearly doubled in price, while gold prices have largely stagnated. Many analysts attribute the doubling of silver and copper prices to the rise of green technologies, because like lithium, copper is an essential metal in the design and production of EVs.

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