Atmospheric Science News

Oxidising atmosphere of Mars created by microbes

Astronomers suggest that the oxidising atmosphere of Mars was created when microbes began to respire and produce oxygen.

Aerosols cause increased cloud formation in the Arctic worsening climate warming

Scientists now believe that cloud formation in the arctic, caused by iodine aerosols, worsens climate warming in the region.

Sudden stratospheric warming above the North Pole could lead to catastrophic weather events in the coming weeks

A research project suggests that sudden stratospheric warming will occur this week, resulting in snowstorms and catastrophic weather events.

Improved simulations of arctic sea ice could help protect the environment

Researchers evaluated arctic sea ice simulations to improve the prediction of the ice in different seasons.

New project examines the effects of space weather on the Martian moon Phobos

Researchers from Vienna University of Technology, Austria, have been studying the effects of space weather on the Martian moon Phobos.

A Chemical physicist joins a NASA-funded project to study liquid on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon

Gerrick Lindberg is collaborating on a NASA-funded study of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, and the liquid on its surface.

Scientists discover how the oceans on Mars dried up and the planet lost its atmospheric water

Scientists from the University of Arizona, USA, have discovered how the oceans on Mars dried up and the water in its atmosphere was destroyed. Since...

Increased levels of atmospheric soluble iron discovered in Chinese cities

New research conducted by the University of Birmingham, UK, has revealed that atmospheric, industrial and vehicle pollution in East...

Astrobiologists believe Jupiter may have changed the habitability of Venus

The habitability of Venus was significantly reduced when Jupiter altered its orbit pattern around the Sun during the early stages of its development. Due to...

iCUPE Datasets for Polar Regions

The Horizon 2020 iCUPE project aims to improve our understanding of pollution sources, environmental changes, and their impact on polar regions. The coordination of the...

Scientist discover green gel on the far side of the Moon

Using the Chang'e-4 rover, scientists have discovered an unusual dark green gel-like substance in a crater on the far side of the Moon. A research...

The evolution of meteorological research

Dr Stoyka Netcheva, Scientific Officer at World Meteorological Organization’s Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW), explains how meteorological research has evolved and illustrates how GAW...

Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric science is the study of the dynamics and chemistry of the layer of gas surrounding planetary bodies and their moons.

The field of atmospheric science encompasses the interactions between such parts of the atmosphere and how they react with organic systems.

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