Biodiversity News

Understanding coral reef ecosystems by playing a video game

NASA is inviting members of the public to help researchers understand coral reef ecosystems by playing the NeMO-Net video game.

Common plants and pollinators act as anchors for ecosystems

Common plants and pollinators play a central role in maintaining biodiversity, acting as anchors for ecosystems, and assisting against some of the impacts of climate change.

How do seabirds interact with aquaculture and fisheries?

Researchers investigate the interactions between Mediterranean and Atlantic seabirds and aquaculture and fisheries.

Plants and insects threatened by pesticide use in agriculture

In new research that reveals potential consequences of pesticide use in agriculture, a group of scientists have found that applied pesticide toxicity in agriculture has significantly increased in plants and insects.

Amazon deforestation increases the diversity of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in soil

Researchers have discovered that deforestation in the Amazon causes an increase in the diversity of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Can an increase in flowering fields help promote biodiversity?

Ecologists have analysed the effects of initiatives to plant flowering fields to increase biodiversity around agricultural landscapes.

New underwater robot will gather extensive data on deep-sea species

Spanish researchers have developed a new underwater robot to conduct in-depth analyses of deep-sea species.

Commercial farming’s deforestation in the Amazon increases temperatures and reduces rainfall

Researchers investigating deforestation in the Amazon report that commercial farms cause temperature increases and less rainfall.

Avoiding undersized fish hotspots could ensure sustainable fishery management

To ensure sustainable fishery management, a study has identified the regions in European seas that are hot spots for undersized fish.

Future climate-related species extinction could be less severe than previously predicted

Future climate-related species extinction could be less severe than predictions based only on the current trend of global warming.

New environmental monitoring initiative to support Vietnamese shrimp and crab aquaculture

Vietnam has launched a new environmental monitoring initiative that will support shrimp and crab aquaculture in mangrove forests.

Air pollution has a detrimental effect to the health of Giant Asian honeybees

Researchers have analysed the effects of pollution on one of India’s most important pollinators, the Giant Asian honeybee.


The term biodiversity refers to the variety of the life in any area. From the land to the sea, a biodiverse natural environment allows for a thriving ecosystem where each species plays an important role.

Biodiversity can play a crucial role in food production, it ensures the productivity of our soil, our crops and our livestock.