A new era of smarter, cleaner mobility

    PTV Group discuss how they plan to revolutionise European transport and the impact that COVID-19 has had on the mobility industry.

    PTV Group create technology that promotes safe, efficient, and sustainable mobility. In this latest eBook, PTV Group discuss their work towards minimising carbon emissions and how they tackle the challenges presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic. PTV Group deliver specialist insight and technologies in a myriad of fields, such as:

    • Autonomous driving
    • Electric vehicles
    • Multimodal transport
    • Urban logistics
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Route planning

    PTV group also offer custom training, free webinars, and software support. In this eBook, PTV Group examine the challenges that face the future of European transport, such as achieving sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and maintaining the mobility of goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. This eBook also touches on topics such as:

    • The digitisation of European mobility
    • Shaping mobility in times of COVID-19
    • How COVID-19 will impact traffic planners
    • Smart charging strategies for electric buses
    • How big data could be the key to future mobility
    • The future of urban logistics

    As one of the world’s leading software providers PTV Group offer innovative solutions to achieving a smart, sustainable Europe by supporting E-Mobility and urban logistics. According to their latest figures, PTV Group are responsible for saving 40,000 tonnes of carbon every day.

    Looking one step ahead is the core principle of PTV Group’s solutions, their software gives concrete forecasts and calculates exact scenarios. This data allows projects to develop concepts, strategies, and models for sustainable mobility with interdisciplinary teams. PTV Group has also expressed research interest in:

    • Autonomous driving: CoExist, LEA (Small) Bus
    • Critical infrastructure: U-Threat, SIRENE
    • E-Mobility: eMerge, iHub, Metropol-E
    • Multimodal transport: IeMM, regiomove
    • Urban logistics: Aeolix, Clusters 2.0, efeuCampus, LaMiLo, MODULUSHCA
    • Walking and cycling: Flow
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