Conico: World-leading battery and precious metals exploration

    Conico’s captivating eBook reveals the company’s pioneering battery, base, and precious metals exploration projects in Australia and Greenland that will fuel the planet’s green transition.

    The planet is facing perhaps its greatest technological revolution in human history as the world strives towards an emission-free future. To facilitate global decarbonisation goals, society must rapidly reimagine its entire energy system, eradicating over a century of widespread fossil fuel utilisation and transitioning to sustainable, clean energies and technologies.

    The significant uptake of electric vehicles, renewables, such as solar and wind, and innovative energy storage will be essential for powering the green transition. However, with such a substantial amount of green tech being required, the surge in demand for critical raw materials to manufacture them will be dramatic, meaning substantial sources of these materials will be vital.

    The European Union’s critical raw material list, the UK’s critical minerals strategy, and the US Geological Survey’s critical minerals strategy list cobalt, lithium, nickel, zinc, and precious metals such as PGEs as essential for a net zero future.

    In this latest eBook, written in partnership with the Innovation News Network, Conico outlines its industry-leading portfolio of mineral exploration projects across the globe that will be essential for pioneering a plethora of green technologies.

    This eBook mines deeply into the company’s operations, with topics including:

    • The types of metals Conico explores, such as copper, cobalt, gold, lithium, lead, silver, zinc, and PGEs;
    • A detailed overview of Greenland’s unparalleled geological potential;
    • Insights into Greenland’s Ryberg and Mestersvig projects;
    • Conico’s range of advanced mineral exploration techniques and technologies; and
    • The results from the exciting Mt Thirsty project’s drilling programme.

    About Conico

    Conico is a poly-metallic metal explorer possessing a variety of leading assets in Australia and Greenland. The company focuses on battery metals, including copper, nickel and cobalt, base metals, such as zinc and lead, and precious metals, such as platinum group elements (PGEs) and gold.

    Conico’s headquarters is located in Perth, Australia – a global hub for minerals exploration, although the company has staff, including widely- experienced geologists and logistics coordinators, situated across Australia and Western Europe

    Conico is not a mining company but instead a dedicated mineral explorer with a business model centred around locating and developing assets that have the potential to be transformed into commercial mining operations.

    Conico currently has a combination of brownfields and greenfields exploration projects, including Ryberg and Mestersvig in Greenland and Mt Thirsty in Western Australia.

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