Cornish Lithium: establishing a sustainable extraction industry in the UK

    This eBook provides an insight into how Cornish Lithium is enabling new eco-technologies by establishing a strong and sustainable extraction industry in the UK.

    Cornish Lithium is an innovative company enabling eco-technologies through the extraction of lithium and other battery metals in Cornwall with the aim of establishing a battery metals hub for the UK.

    Establishing responsible extraction of lithium and other battery metals is key to enabling the development of a battery manufacturing industry, which is necessary for the UK’s transition to renewable energy and supporting the automotive industry’s shift to electric vehicles.

    The development of such an industry will contribute to the UK Government’s stated goal of decarbonisation through clean growth, and a transition to a green and circular economy and is in line with the aims of the UK Government’s Integrated Review announced in March 2021.

    Cornish Lithium’s latest eBook, produced in partnership with Innovation News Network, explores how the company is working to establish a strong and environmentally responsible lithium extraction industry in the UK and features articles on:

    • European lithium demand
    • Lithium discovery in Cornwall
    • The current extraction industry
    • Geology and mineral potential in Cornwall
    • Cornwall’s geothermal potential
    • Metallurgical testwork
    • Cornish Lithium’s commitment to sustainability

    About Cornish Lithium

    Based in the historically significant mining district, Cornwall, Cornish Lithium is an eco-technology company supplying the raw materials and building the environmentally responsible lithium supply chain necessary for the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution.

    Cornish Lithium has strong partnerships with industry and academia allowing the company to remain at the forefront of innovative mineral exploration, extraction and development.

    Cornish Lithium focuses on extracting lithium from geothermal waters but is also investigating opportunities to extract lithium and other battery metals from hard rock using modern mineral extraction techniques.

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