Exploring opportunities in the green metals and minerals sector

    Eclipse Metals’ new eBook explores the wealth of opportunities in the green metals and minerals sector and the company’s multi-commodity mineralisation projects.

    This new eBook, produced in partnership with Innovation News Network, discusses how Eclipse Metals is developing its portfolio of multi-commodity mineral projects in Greenland and Australia and capitalising on prospects in the green metals and minerals industry. It features content on:

    • The untapped rare earth potential of the Ivittuut project
    • The growing demand for rare earth elements (REEs)
    • The global supply chains for REEs
    • Green metals for electric vehicle production
    • A deeper look into the properties of various REEs.

    About Eclipse Metals

    Eclipse Metals Ltd is a listed (ASX:EPM) exploration and mining development company with projects in south-western Greenland, Northern Territory, and Queensland for multi-commodity mineralisation.

    The company has an abundance of assets in Australia with a wealth of potential for manganese, uranium, gold, vanadium, and precious metals in 19 tenements and applications over an area of around 9,200 sqkm.

    As well as this, it has acquired ownership of the Ivittuut project in Greenland, the largest historical cryolite mine in the world which has significant rare earth potential.

    The Company’s core objective is to increase shareholder wealth through capital growth and ultimately, dividends. Eclipse Metals intents to attain this aim by exploring for and establishing viable mineral deposits to generate mining or joint venture income.

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