General Graphene: Achieving scalable mass production of graphene

    General Graphene is working hard to overcome the biggest barrier to graphene commercialisation – scalable mass production.

    General Graphene is leading advanced materials development, working towards scalable mass production of graphene in order to bring affordable CVD graphene to industries around the world.

    This eBook, produced in partnership with Innovation News Network, explores how General Graphene is developing graphene technology to revolutionise industry and transform society.

    It focuses on how the company is using a state-of-the-art CVD graphene film production system – GG 3.0 – to ensure graphene can be mass produced in industrial volumes and available at an affordable price.

    GG 3.0 represents an infinitely scalable platform that is capable of meeting industrial demand for CVD graphene. General Graphene recognises that graphene’s adoption will be dependent on both its properties and its price.

    The eBook also features discussion on:

    • The properties of graphene;
    • The company’s proprietary atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (APCVD) process;
    • Optimising graphene production and graphene and transfer processes;
    • Developing CVD graphene films for use in ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible heating solutions;
    • Tackling the problem of electromagnetic interference; and
    • Graphene field effect transistors that can transform the landscape of sensing and diagnostics.

    About General Graphene

    General Graphene is an advanced materials and product development company, manufacturing, supplying, and producing industrial-scale CVD graphene. Operating in Knoxville, Tennessee in the US, General Graphene has assembled an experienced international team of leading scientists and engineers. The company is directed by a knowledgeable management team and backed by dedicated strategic investors. Driven by a single focus, General Graphene’s objective is to advance the scalable mass production of graphene at an affordable cost.

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