How MGH Offshore is advancing the global energy sector

    This eBook explores how MGH Offshore is well-positioned to advance the global energy sector and overcome challenges facing the green energy switch.

    The global energy sector has faced many challenges in recent years, including the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, and the cost-of-living crisis. These disruptions have highlighted the need to move away from the supply of Russian fossil fuels.

    However, disruptions in energy supply chains may force countries to continue to rely on fossil fuels, having significant implications for the energy sector and delaying the vital transition to green energy. To gain access to these new types of energy, the world must secure a new source of energy.

    This is where MGH Offshore’s expertise comes in. The company uses its experience in renewable energy, the oil and gas industry, and maritime technical operations to provide efficient engineering solutions for projects across the global energy sector.

    In order to push the switch to green energy forward, MGH Offshore is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint by using self-generating power – including solar panels and wind turbines – at their new premises. Moreover, the company is engaging with industry bodies to assist in the development of a lessons-identified programme for floating offshore wind programmes. As one of the only companies to have been actively involved in floating wind farms, MGH has sufficient knowledge to develop and advise on the next steps for the global energy sector.

    Topics in this eBook include:

    • Challenges in the global energy sector and how MGH is helping companies face them;
    • How recent societal events have impacted the direction of the business;
    • How policy makes in the industry should address gaps in the green energy sector; and
    • How MGH Offshore is working to achieve its goals in the global energy sector.

    About MGH Offshore

    With many years of experience in renewable energy, oil, and gas industries, MGH has the ability to deliver knowledge and expertise. As a leader in the global energy sector, the company uses a personable, flexible approach for all services it provides.

    MGH aims to keep expanding its networks and strive to establish honest relationships with clients while exceeding their demands and adding value to every project.

    MGH Offshore undertake small one-day projects to large fully managed projects from design through to operation. The company can also supply the right personnel to make your vision a reality. Being involved in floating offshore wind, MGH is also one of the few UK companies to offer such expertise in the global energy sector.

    MGH aims to keep expanding within the global energy network and strive for honest relationships with its clients. In turn, clients’ demands will be exceeded, and MGH’s services will continue to be world-class.

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