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Fixing broken blood vessels with electronically-activated glue

NTU Singapore scientists have developed a technique to deliver electronically-activated glue for fastening defects in broken blood vessels.

Developing nanopore technology for sequencing DNA in real time

Researchers at UT Dallas are developing nanopore technology that could lead to small portable devices capable of sequencing DNA in real time.

New algorithm for the diagnostics of dementia

An international research team has developed a new algorithm based on blood and cerebrospinal fluid biomarker measurements for the diagnostics of dementia.

A once-a-week insulin therapy may restructure Type 2 diabetes treatment

A new clinical trial has suggested that a novel once-a-week insulin therapy could replace conventional Type 2 diabetes treatment.

Machine learning could help slow down future pandemics

Researchers have determined that machine learning could be key to slowing down the spread of infection during future pandemics.

Illuminating the association between aluminium and familial Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers at Keele University have found aluminium co-located with phosphorylated tau protein, which is an early initiator of familial Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists use silkworm silk to grow skeletal muscle cells

Researchers are using silkworm silk to grow skeletal muscle cells, potentially leading to better treatments for muscle atrophy.

The future of breast cancer diagnosis

Dr Martin Stauber, CEO of GratXray AG, describes the company’s new one-stop solution for accurate and painless breast cancer diagnosis.

Self-fitting scaffolds as an alternative for bone defect treatment

Melissa A Grunlan and her team have been developing and improving self-fitting SMP scaffolds for craniomaxillofacial bone defect treatment.

Clinical evidence essential in medical innovation

Professor Rob G.H.H. Nelissen, Chairman of the Orthopaedics Department at Leiden University Medical Center, explains why clinical evidence is both an asset for patients and an ally for surgeons.

Regenerative medicine in the era of COVID-19

Mike Lehmicke, Director of Science and Industry Affairs at the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, discusses the alliance’s key focus areas, as well as topics such as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Regenerating musculoskeletal tissues

Dr Warren L Grayson outlines the work taking place at his lab at the Johns Hopkins’ Translational Tissue Engineering Center in regenerating musculoskeletal tissues, from treating skeletal muscle loss to 3D-printing bioactive scaffolds with precise anatomic geometries

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