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    Proteum Energy®: Revolutionary hydrogen production technology creates a clean energy addition

    Proteum’s patented Steam non-Methane Reforming process fuels the clean energy transition through its environmentally friendly, low-energy hydrogen production.

    Proteum Energy® is a hydrogen production company that aims to facilitate a clean energy addition.

    This will accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy by producing affordable, low-carbon intensity hydrogen and negative carbon intensity renewable hydrogen. This clean hydrogen will leverage existing energy infrastructure, local communities and expertise, and carbon capture sequestration.

    Steam non-Methane Reforming

    The company has developed and patented a novel hydrogen production technology called Steam non-Methane Reforming (SnMR™).

    This clean energy technology reforms and enhances the environmental attributes of many non-methane and oxygenated hydrocarbon feedstocks. The SnMR™ reforming process is more environmentally friendly than traditional steam methane reforming (SMR) because the reformation reaction requires less energy and water and produces methane as a co-product.

    Proteum Energy® has incorporated the novel SnMR™ process into a modular platform solution based on well-known and industry-accepted shell and tube reactor designs. This allows for the ready deployment of distributed hydrogen in regional markets. The hydrogen and designer fuel (HDF) platform is versatile, allowing for the production of hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen and methane blended designer fuels for low carbon intensity (CI) power generation (H2 gas to power).

    Midstream gas processing plants are enhanced with optionality for adaptation of direct pipeline injection of hydrogen into gas lines. The platform solution also allows for the regional production of anhydrous ammonia for fertiliser and fuel applications.

    The patented SnMR™ technology will uniquely produce high hydrogen and biogenic CO2 volumes by leveraging oxygenated hydrocarbon feedstocks like renewable ethanol. The Proteum Energy® platform is designed to be integrated directly at the ethanol producer’s plant. This provides several cost benefits, and ethanol producers will secure an average of 20-30% of plant capacity in product sales per year.

    This is one reason behind Proteum coining the phrase ‘energy addition’. The ethanol producer benefits from selling a lower-cost product that will replace fossil-based heavy-duty transportation diesel fuel with clean energy.

    The replacement fuel is negative CI renewable hydrogen, a form of clean energy. Ethanol producers will no longer need to rely on blending their products in gasoline motor fuel, especially as the growth of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) becomes more ubiquitous.


    • Renewable and clean hydrogen production;
    • Affordable and accessible clean energy;
    • Leveraging existing assets; and
    • Creating low-emission fuel.

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