The Innovation Platform Issue 1

    Delve into the first edition of The Innovation Platform, where our editor discusses a myriad of issues and the research that could potentially solve them.

    Following the European Commission’s European Green Deal, The Innovation Platform highlights the science behind promoting sustainability in a wide variety of sectors, such as chemistry, agriculture and transport.

    With the first section of the publication focusing on space and physics, Director General of the European Commission’s DG CONNECT, Roberto Viola discusses innovation within the space sector. Viola commented: “huge progress has been made. Those programmes are now ‘real’ in the sense that there is a legal text which can be agreed by the European Council, the Parliament and the Commission.

    “Of course, this has not been fully finalised because one important detail is still missing: the amount of funding. However, this is very similar to what I have already said: every cent less than the Commission’s proposal for the Digital Europe and the Connecting Europe Facility would have a tremendously detrimental impact.”

    The Innovation Platform’s first edition, entitled ‘Biobased economy for a climate neutral built environment’, also features an extensive health section. Within this, Secretary General of the European Association for Cancer Research discusses immunotherapy research and its importance to the survival of man.

    The third section of this quarterly publication features the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowshi. Wojciechowshi works to ensure a modern and sustainable agriculture sector within the European Union. This work is the key to influencing a secure and safe future. Following Wojciechowshi, Wetlands International Europe open a discussion on how a wetland restoration plan should be incorporated into the EU’s Green Deal.

    The Innovation Platform’s ‘Biobased economy for a climate neutral built environment’ section on Maritime Affairs and Fisheries showcases American aquaculture, with articles from the US Aquaculture Society and the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Make sure to check out our Maritime Affairs and Fisheries chapter as we explore how the European Union’s Strategy for Plastics aims to tackle the way plastics are currently produced, used and discarded in order to stimulate the circular economy.