Robotics News

How the comprehensive dynamic model can help with designing soft robots

Scientists have used fuel explosion as the power source to achieve rapid and powerful motion for medium-sized soft robots.

New soft robot first to climb on inverted surfaces 

A soft robot that can move on any surface has been developed for use in medical applications and rescue missions.

Beetle-inspired jumping robots are powered by elastic energy

Researchers have developed insect-sized jumping robots that can perform tasks in small spaces found in mechanical, cultural, and search-and-rescue settings.

Efficiency of flapping drones to be increased with wing-folding research

According to a recent study led by Lund University, wing-folding could be the next step in increasing the efficiency of flapping drones. 

KAIST’s walking robot innovation is a marvel for the construction industry

Experts at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) have developed a groundbreaking walking robot known as MARVEL.

Autonomous ornithopter can land like a bird

Researchers have developed a unique landing gear that makes it possible for flapping-wing ornithopters to land like birds.

Flying snakes could help to design next-generation robotics

A study at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech aims to optimise future robots by exploring the movement mechanisms of flying snakes.

The E-Walker walking robot advances construction in space

Researchers at the University of Lincoln have innovated a cutting-edge walking robot that could advance how we build technology in space.

Developing an innovative amphibious artificial vision system

Researchers at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology have developed an amphibious artificial vision system with a panoramic field-of-view capable of imaging both...

Groundbreaking autonomous mobile robot charges electric vehicles 

A novel mobile charging robot developed by Graz University of Technology, ALVERI and ARTI Robots, independently seeks out parked electric vehicles and supplies them with energy. This development aims to promote the widespread use of e-mobility. 

Enhancing UK offshore sustainability with Robots for a Safer World

Three Robots for a Safer World competition winners will enhance offshore sustainability by using AI to gather data, maintaining wind farms and mapping the seafloor more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Using blockchain technology to enhance secure communications

Researchers have developed a method that utilises blockchain technology to improve the capacity for secure communication for robot teams.


Robotics is a blend of computer science and engineering with the intended product being a robot device.

The study of robot technology consists of disciplines such as: dynamic system modelling and analysis, mathematics, computer science, engineering and automation.

There are six types of industrial robots: cartesian, SCARA, cylindrical, delta, polar and vertically articulated.

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