Robotics News

Groundbreaking autonomous mobile robot charges electric vehicles 

A novel mobile charging robot developed by Graz University of Technology, ALVERI and ARTI Robots, independently seeks out parked electric vehicles and supplies them with energy. This development aims to promote the widespread use of e-mobility. 

Enhancing UK offshore sustainability with Robots for a Safer World

Three Robots for a Safer World competition winners will enhance offshore sustainability by using AI to gather data, maintaining wind farms and mapping the seafloor more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Using blockchain technology to enhance secure communications

Researchers have developed a method that utilises blockchain technology to improve the capacity for secure communication for robot teams.

UK science funding boost worth £113m will support future science leaders

Almost 100 of the UK’s next-generation of science leaders will be granted a total £113m science funding boost to facilitate the commercialisation of their innovations and tackle global challenges from the climate crisis to chronic illness.

Putting women at the forefront of deep tech with Women TechEU 

The European Commission has launched a novel EU programme called Women TechEU to support the growth of women women-led deep tech start-ups. 

Manufacturing soft robots with an innovative automated process

Commercial-scale production of customised soft robots may be attainable in the near future due to a novel automated approach.

Robot-assisted cardiac surgery protects human operator health

A novel robot has potentially changed the landscape of future cardiac surgery, mitigating fatigue and radiation exposure for human operators.

Investigating the mid-ocean twilight zone with underwater robot technology

The development of an underwater robot has enhanced researchers’ knowledge of the immense mid-ocean region dubbed the "twilight zone."

Teaching robots to make human facial expressions

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have used Artificial Intelligence to teach robots how to make appropriate reactive human facial expressions.

Developing smart foam to make robots more intelligent

Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed an artificial smart foam – ‘AiFoam’ – for robots to interact more intelligently with their surroundings.

Designing 3D printed artificial muscles from motor proteins

Scientists at JAIST have used motor proteins to create microrobots with artificial muscles that could be produced using 3D printing.

New solar-powered milli-robots can gather data on crop performance and pesticide use

The SOMIRO project has developed swimming, solar-powered milli-robots to gather data on crop performance and pesticide use.


Robotics is a blend of computer science and engineering with the intended product being a robot device.

The study of robot technology consists of disciplines such as: dynamic system modelling and analysis, mathematics, computer science, engineering and automation.

There are six types of industrial robots: cartesian, SCARA, cylindrical, delta, polar and vertically articulated.

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