Developing Brexit market access strategies

A leading scientific consulting organisation has said that we need to develop a robust compliance strategy that considers all Brexit market access scenarios.

A leading regulatory and scientific consulting organisation, TSG Consulting, says it is important to develop a robust compliance strategy that considers all Brexit scenarios to ensure market access post transition.

“Whilst the signing of the Withdrawal Agreement has given industry more certainty for the next 11 months, it is not a time to be complacent,” says Daryl Thomas, MD for TSG Consulting in Europe.

Recent comments made by UK Chancellor Sajid Javid that “there will not be alignment” means that it is now more important than ever to prepare for regulatory divergence. “Companies that are on the front foot on January 1, 2021 will be those that have considered all the different scenarios and developed robust compliance strategies, putting plans in place for regulatory divergence,” he continues.

In the case of EU REACH this could include appointing an Only Representative or establishing an EU legal entity as laid out in the rules. In the case of biocides, it could be setting up an EU legal entity and transferring approvals across in order to maintain EU market access.

“Over the past year TSG Consulting has seen an uptake in the number of clients in the chemical, biocide and plant protection sectors coming to us for strategic guidance surrounding Brexit,” Thomas adds.

TSG Consulting is an international company with offices in the UK, three EU member states, and North America. This international structure, combined with a 30 year history serving the chemicals, biocides and crop protection sectors, enables TSG to serve clients’ best interests in any Brexit scenario, including future trade deals with North America and the rest of the world.

“They often need help interpreting the guidance provided by the regulatory authorities and understanding how it applies to their existing and planned product portfolios. We can help give them clarity and put robust compliance strategies in place in order to ensure continued access to the UK and EU markets whatever the Brexit outcome,” Thomas continued.


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