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5 factors that could be draining your EV battery

Learn about the factors that cause a draining EV battery and how to take measures to extend the range of your battery.

Adianano: Improving the efficiency of lithium-ion battery production

Learn how the Adianano microwave exfoliation method for lithium-ion battery production is efficient, removing the need for complex equipment.

Accelerating towards net zero: Decarbonising HGVs to achieve net zero targets

Discover how the UK will achieve its wider net zero targets through the decarbonisation of the HGV supply chain.

Cementing battery supply chains to meet EV demand

How Argonne National Laboratory are working to understand and strengthen battery supply chains for the growing EV market.

Who can benefit the most from the EU-Japan trade partnerships?

2020 marks the first anniversary of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), but what sectors could stand to gain the most from the partnership? In...

Developing Brexit market access strategies

A leading scientific consulting organisation has said that we need to develop a robust compliance strategy that considers all Brexit market access scenarios. A leading...

Post-Brexit Fisheries Bill is to prioritise sustainability

According to new legislation published by the British government, all UK fish stocks will be fished at sustainable levels after Brexit. After the UK steps...

Federation of German Industries: Brexit is the ‘right step on the wrong path’

The Federation of German Industries (BDI) have released a statement expressing their belief that Brexit is the ‘right step on the wrong path’. "The uncertainty...

Inside the Horseracing Integrity Act’s hearing with Congress committee

Major players in the horse racing industry have testified about the use of performance-enhancing drugs and painkilling drugs to mask the injuries of racehorses,...

Will Polish judges be penalised for speaking out against their government?

In Poland, a law has been proposed allowing the punishment and firing of judges who criticise the restrictions that their government places on the...

Secure payment innovation with LogPay Financial Services

LogPay Financial Services is a German secure payment service provider which offers innovation and full service solutions for digital sales channels. Development, innovation and usage...

Rise of machines to make ageing at home easier

Guest contributor Ali Dockerty explores the growing popularity of ageing at home and the ways in which smart technology can help. The cost of nursing...

Predictive maintenance, machine learning and the holographic principle

Neuron soundware specialises in analysing the sound produced by machines in order to enable predictive maintenance. Physics defines sound as a vibration that propagates as...

Industrial rail cybersecurity imperative for the future of transport

Courtney Schneider, Cyber Policy Research Manager at Waterfall Security Solutions, discusses the importance of industrial cybersecurity for rail transport. Top priorities for most rail transport...

Rare diseases in Austria: exploring Mucopolysaccharide storage disorders

Professor Susanne Gerit Kircher of the Medical University of Vienna discusses the situation of rare diseases in Austria, including Mucopolysaccharide storage disorders. In Europe, a...

Europe’s Capital Markets Union: looking to the future

To achieve the objectives of the Capital Markets Union, a sustainable, effective market for retail investments is needed. The Capital Markets Union (CMU) is a...

Borders, checks and Brexit: a Gordian knot around the EU Customs Union?

Tony Smith CBE, former Head of UK Border Force and expert panellist to the UK Parliamentary Commission for Alternative Arrangements to the Irish Border,...

Quantum internet on the cusp of the internet revolution

Europe’s Quantum Internet Alliance is working on the development of networks which can provide many benefits, including impenetrable end to end communication. The Quantum Internet...

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As e-mobility grows in popularity, the issues surrounding EV transport – including charging infrastructure, battery safety, sustainable disposal of EV batteries and the need to source increasing amounts of lithium and other component materials ethically – become more pressing.

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Improving electric vehicle battery safety with calorimetry

In the latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the IAM-AWP Calorimeter Center discusses the role of calorimetry in improving electric vehicle battery safety. The European Commission’s ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy‘ aims to reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050. A key...

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Improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles

In this latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the Calorimeter Center, discusses the importance of improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles, and the significant role that calorimetry plays in this. With the announcement of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy that...

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Latest EV Special Reports

How Ionic Rare Earths is advancing the rare earth circular economy

Ionic Rare Earths are expediting the global transition to clean energy through magnet and heavy rare earth production via mining, refining and magnet recycling. Australian-listed...

Rapidly developing battery minerals by connecting electric vehicle end users upstream

To accelerate access by the electric vehicle (EV) industry to desperately needed battery minerals, QX Resources is directly linking the end users to multiple ‘upstream’...

Examining the potential of magnet rare earths at the Makuutu Rare Earth Project

Tim Harrison, Managing Director and CEO of Ionic Rare Earths Limited, discusses the Makuutu Rare Earth Project and its magnet rare earths potential. Ionic Rare...

Exploring the diverse applications of lithium and its future innovation potential

Donald S. Bubar, President and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc., discusses the vast applications of lithium as well as its potential for further...

Latest EV Partner News

Revolutionary zero emission vehicle concept unveiled by First Hydrogen

First Hydrogen Corp. has revealed exciting new concept images for the company’s groundbreaking zero emission vehicle.

First Hydrogen’s light commercial vehicles test driven by Ballard Power

Ballard Power Systems has test-driven First Hydrogen's first-generation zero-emission light commercial vehicle

First Hydrogen reveals Generation II zero emissions vehicle design

First Hydrogen Corp. has unveiled the design of its Generation II zero emission vehicle concept that looks to decarbonise fleet transport.

Super Bowl commercials feature electric vehicles

Brent Wilson, CEO and President of Galvanic Energy, discusses how EVs are becoming increasingly prevalent in Super Bowl commercials.