Volt Carbon Technologies: carbon and battery engineering at its finest

    This eBook discusses Volt Carbon Technologies’ latest developments as an industry leading carbon and battery engineering company.

    This new eBook, produced in partnership with Innovation News Network, explores how Volt Carbon Technologies is involved in graphite purification, battery development and engineering, as well as acquisition and exploration of property interests for future mining opportunities.

    It features content on:

    • Graphite purification and air classification
    • Solid UltraBattery Inc.
    • Carbon and battery engineering
    • Developing next-generation energy storage systems
    • Volt Carbon’s research & development.

    About Volt Carbon Technologies

    Volt Carbon Technologies is an industry leading carbon sciences, battery engineering and battery technology company. As well as developing solid-state batteries, the company is focusing on developing sustainable graphene and graphite products for the net zero future.

    In May 2021, the company acquired Solid UltraBattery, a lithium-ion battery company. Volt Carbon is now developing and commercialising its solid-state battery intellectual property.

    The company is designing and building prototype batteries for initial testing and is setting up its battery production facility to further develop this technology into viable products. Volt Carbon Technologies is currently investigating projects that can utilise its batteries in real world applications.

    As we transition towards a carbon neutral future, the use of synthetic graphite continues to burden the environment with its large carbon footprint. Volt Carbon Technologies has developed alternative air classification technology that will facilitate purification of natural graphite with far less energy consumption than synthetic graphite.

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