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IoT devices made greener with printable smart sensors

Discover how IoT devices can be made more sustainable by developing self-powered, printable smart sensors from emerging semiconductors.

Radio waves sustainably power the internet of things

Scientists have developed an innovative technology that harvests energy from radio waves to sustainably power the Internet of Things.

UK university granted £3m to innovate perovskite solar cell technology

The University of Surrey, UK, has been awarded close to £3m to research, refine, and develop pioneering perovskite solar cell technologies. The University researchers have...

Novel partnership established to advance the Internet of Things research

The Discovery Park District and Purdue University SMART Consortium have combined forces to enhance the Internet of Things research.

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Innovation and adoption: use of precision technologies on farms

The demand for meat is projected to increase from 334 million tonnes in 2015 to 498 million tonnes in 2050. This is a result of...

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Telemedicine and e-health: promise, problems, and solutions

Professor Eisuke Hanada from the Department of Information Science and Engineering at Saga University, Japan, explores the increasing use of e-health solutions and some...

Could post-COVID-19 societal changes influence new digital technologies?

EIT Digital’s CEO Willem Jonker spoke to The Innovation Platform about how post-COVID-19 societal changes can influence new digital technologies. EIT Digital is a leading...

Agriculture IoT market expected to almost double by 2024

Reports suggest that the agriculture Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to soar from $12.7bn in 2019 to $20.9bn by 2024. According to a...

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