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Sudden stratospheric warming

Sudden stratospheric warming above the North Pole could lead to catastrophic weather events in...

A research project suggests that sudden stratospheric warming will occur this week, resulting in snowstorms and catastrophic weather events.
arctic sea ice

Improved simulations of arctic sea ice could help protect the environment

Researchers evaluated arctic sea ice simulations to improve the prediction of the ice in different seasons.
sustainable development goals

Making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality

Dr Guy Schumann, CEO and Principal Scientist at RSS-Hydro Sarl-S, argues that more businesses need to include the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their...

Sentinel-6: sea-level observation and international co-operation

Ahead of the launch of the Sentinel-6, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA discuss the satellite and future cooperation between the agencies.
textile industry

Researchers use enzyme technology to reduce environmental impact of UK textile industry

Researchers at the University of York are working alongside the Royal College of Art in a new £5.4m project to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry in the UK.
The Great Green Wall: Protecting Sahel through science-led intervention

The Great Green Wall: Protecting Sahel through science-led intervention

The Great Green Wall initiative works towards reducing land degradation and deforestation through science-led natural resource management and intervention. Deborah Goffner, research director for the...
Cleaning rivers to clean the seas

Cleaning rivers to clean the seas – part II

River Cleaning proposes a new and innovative system to stop pollution from oils and other liquid pollutants in river waters. Parallel and integral to...
habitat loss

Predicting habitat loss in 2100

A study by the University of Cambridge, UK, used hundreds of years of data to determine the scale of habitat loss in 2100. In a...
desertification in the Sahel

Addressing desertification in the Sahel

CNRS’s Deborah Goffner spoke to The Innovation Platform’s International Editor, Clifford Holt, about how desertification in the Sahel is being addressed. The impacts of climate...
global temperatures

2°C rise in global temperatures could release billions of tonnes of carbon

A new study led by the University of Exeter, UK, suggests that a 2°C rise in global temperatures would release billions of tonnes of...

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