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ASPIRE project optimises accuracy and efficiency of weather forecasts

Read how the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is pioneering a method for more accurate and energy-efficient weather forecasts.

Transitioning to green energy could produce more harmful carbon emissions

The construction of green energy sources consumes energy, some of which comes from the fossil fuels we are trying to eradicate.

Regime shift in Arctic ecosystem is likely to be irreversible

Large numbers of whales are dwelling previously ice infested water, indicating that changes in a Greenland Arctic ecosystem are permanent.

How Europe’s wildfires are a sign for the grid to implement digital solutions

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly clearer, digital solutions must be implemented to meet short-term emergency needs.

CAPTICO2: Elevating carbon capture through cutting-edge CO2 mineralisation technologies

How to lower the emissions of hard-to-abate industries with economically attractive carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies.

UN announces new satellite-based system to detect methane emissions

The Methane Alert and Response System was launched at COP27. It is a data-to-action platform, set up to curb methane emissions.

Global CO2 emissions remain at record levels

According to the Global Carbon Project, there is no sign of the urgently needed decrease in CO2 emissions to limit warming to 1.5°C.

COP27: UK’s climate adaptation budget tripled to £1.5bn

The PM announced the climate adaptation budget will be tripled to support local forest communities, conservation, and clean energy projects.

Scientists unearth the cause of our planet’s first mass extinction event

Read how geologists have uncovered what initiated the Earth's first-ever mass extinction event, which occurred around 550 million years ago.

Can global commitments to reduce greenhouse gases be achieved?

Researchers have questioned whether the world actually has the methods needed to reduce greenhoouse gas emissions.

Are electric cars tackling climate change?

EIP's Kate Munro discusses how the current cost-of living crisis coupled with a desire to tackle climate change, has encouraged consumers to buy and use electric cars.

Zero-deforestation policies have had little impact on Amazon forest clearance

Researchers say corporate zero-deforestation policies only reduced tree clearance in the Brazilian Amazon by 1.6% between 2006 and 2015.

Marine protected areas may help to combat climate change

New research suggests that marine protected areas can potentially be effective at mitigating the effects of climate change.

Shifting the focus of marine aquaculture to produce more sustainable food

Changes in marine aquaculture could help meet nutritional needs and reduce the ecological footprint of food production.

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Special Reports

US commits to global lithium battery revolution

Lithium Power International highlights the global impact of the US’s recent investment into the lithium battery revolution. The US Government’s commitment to the lithium battery...

The need for early warning systems that can cover everyone

To ensure early warning systems for all can become a reality, countries must invest more into state-of-the-art data and technology. The concept of early warning...

Eclipse achieves early success in Greenland drilling programme

Eclipse Metals (ASX: EPM) has made encouraging progress in its Greenland drill programme to test and confirm the potential for polymetallic rare earth and...

Current and advanced nuclear reactors: How safe is safe enough?

Researchers at North Carolina State University are embracing risk technologies to enable and ensure safe, secure, and cost-competitive operations for the current and advanced...

Partner News

QPM’s positive feasibility study confirms TECH project credentials

Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd has announced the result of its advanced feasibility study for Stage 1 of its TECH project.

What is lithium used for, and where does it come from?

Brent Wilson of Galvanic Energy details how lithium is obtained around the world and its essential role in decarbonising the planet.

LPI produces battery-grade lithium carbonate from Maricunga project

Lithium Power International has produced lithium carbonate with a 99.92% purity battery grade at its Maricunga lithium project.

Australian Government approves QPM’s TECH project for critical metals

Queensland Pacific Metals has received approval from the Government to develop the company’s TECH Project for critical metals.

Special Reports Cont'd

American Lithium Minerals advances mineral exploration projects across North America

As nickel and manganese are essential to national security, AMLM are advancing their mineral exploration projects to find these commodities.

My inner dinosaur – what can palaeontology teach us about human anatomy?

Professor Dr P Martin Sander of the University Bonn's Paleontology Department takes us on the fascinating journey that forged human evolution and explains how...

Rapidly developing battery minerals by connecting electric vehicle end users upstream

To accelerate access by the electric vehicle (EV) industry to desperately needed battery minerals, QX Resources is directly linking the end users to multiple ‘upstream’...

Mass spectrometers for environmental applications

In the midst of a climate crisis, Hiden Analytical are using sustainable mass spectrometers in order to create sustainable technology for energy production. With the...

Partner News Cont'd

Lithium Power International addresses media reports about Maricunga lithium brine project

Lithium Power International (LIPI) provides an update on recent Chilean media reports regarding the company's Maricunga lithium brine project.

LithiumBank reveal exceptional results from DLE testing at its Boardwalk Lithium Brine Project

Lithiumbank has announced results from the Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) test work on brine from its Boardwalk Lithium Brine Project.

Lithium Power International on-track to secure 100% ownership of Maricunga Lithium Brine project

Lithium Power International (LPI) has made significant progress on the planned consolidation of its Maricunga Lithium Brine project in Chile.

US’ lithium production could be greatly increased by new Inflation Reduction Act

Galvanic reflect on how the new Inflation Reduction Act could accelerate the US’ lithium production, as the country plans to dominate the EV industry.