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Mangroves endangered by low functional diversity of invertebrates

Mangroves endangered by low functional diversity of invertebrates

Marine ecologists from the University of Hong Kong have discovered that mangroves may be at risk by the low functional diversity of invertebrates.

Floating offshore wind energy opens up an ocean of possibilities

Dr Axelle Viré, Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), discusses the opportunities and challenges brought by floating offshore wind farms. Existing large-scale...
tropical rainforests

Mitigating destruction of tropical rainforests with new tracking system

Scientists have developed an innovative tracking system that can monitor and mitigate dangers posed to tropical rainforests worldwide.
global heating

Scientists confirm Earth’s clouds are intensifying global heating

A novel investigation has indicated that the Earth's cloud cover is potentially exacerbating the intensity of global heating worldwide.
European storms

European storms exacerbated by the effects of climate change

A team of climate experts has identified that European storms will be significantly intensified in the coming years due to climate change.
urban greenhouse gas emissions

Half of urban greenhouse gas emissions produced by 25 megacities 

New data published by Frontiers highlights that 52% of urban greenhouse gas emissions are generated by just 25 megacities. 
battery storage

Realising a decarbonised Earth with collective battery storage

A novel study has highlighted that a collective battery storage system in communities may significantly help achieve a decarbonised planet.

Biofuel derived from energy cane enhances alternative fuel industry

A team of scientists have conducted four studies that may help to refine the process of manufacturing biofuel from energy cane.
computer algorithm

Computer algorithm innovation reduces the effects of climate change

Danish researchers have invented an innovative computer algorithm that can potentially aid in mitigating the impacts of climate change.
sustainable battery cells

Verkor announces €100m funding for developing sustainable battery cells

Verkor has revealed it has raised €100m of funding, which it will utilise for the research and production of sustainable battery cells.
air pollution emissions

EDGAR reveals air pollutant emissions decrease in developed countries

A study utilising EDGAR technology has indicated that air pollutant emissions have regressed in more developed countries. 

Study signifies a shocking reduction in the Earth’s cryosphere

A study has revealed that the Earth's cryosphere – the composition of frozen water on the planet – is being eradicated at a staggering rate.
Converting wave energy to electricity

Limerick Wave: converting wave energy to electricity

Limerick Wave’s mission is to transform the mechanical power of sea waves into electrical power for general consumption.
carbon accounting

Carbon accounting may be inaccurate due to impacts of floods

A global analysis has revealed that floods may be as influential on plants' carbon uptake as droughts, impacting carbon accounting methods.

VTT PlasticsCompass: a comprehensive guide to developing sustainable plastics

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland introduces its PlasticsCompass, an end-to-end method to develop sustainable plastics, from materials selection to production. The headlines are filled...
ozone layer levels

Predicting future ozone layer levels with Artificial Intelligence

A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system has been demonstrated to forecast dangerous ozone layer levels up to two weeks in advance.
hydrogen-enriched fuel

Reducing carbon emissions with hydrogen-enriched fuel

Research has identified that the implementation of hydrogen-enriched fuel could significantly mitigate the impacts of carbon emissions.
tropical forests

Illegal agriculture driving worldwide decrease of tropical forests

A study from Forest Trends has indicated that the decline of tropical rainforests is due to the prevalence of illegal agriculture.
sustainable cities

Designing sustainable cities with Urban InVEST software

A new free to use, open-source software may potentially aid in designing sustainable cities worldwide, saving countries billions of pounds.
mercury content fish

Studies indicate that mercury content in fish is increasing

Researchers at the University of Helsinki warn that a warming climate and intensifying land use are increasing mercury content in fish.

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