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Topsoe and First Ammonia collaborate to advance green ammonia production

Topsoe and First Ammonia, have entered a collaboration that will see the companies elevate zero emission ammonia production

Decarbonising energy systems could save the planet trillions

University of Oxford research suggests that decarbonised energy systems could save the world at least $12 trillion compared to fossil fuels.

The road to commercialising fusion energy in the UK

Heather Lewtas from the UK Atomic Energy Authority details the UK’s efforts to commercialise fusion energy.

Decarbonising shipping in the Arctic with green ammonia from Berlevåg

Christian Bue, CEO of Green Ammonia Berlevåg, explains more about the venture aiming to bring easy access to green ammonia.

Future local communities will supply their own green, renewable energy

Learn how EU projects will help to ensure carbon neutrality by intelligently controlling the local production and usage of green energy.

GHI announces the development of a green hydrogen production complex in Nova Scotia

GHI has announced the Spirit of Scotia green hydrogen hub, a gigascale green hydrogen production complex to be built in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Mercedes and Volkswagen look to secure access to Canada’s supply of battery minerals

Canada’s battery minerals sector has been awarded a boost as two German automakers make promising agreements.   Mercedes and Volkswagen (VW) have both agreed on a...

ScottishPower unveils plans for green hydrogen plant at Suffolk port

ScottishPower is exploring the use of green hydrogen at Suffolk port, in an attempt to assist the decarbonisation of the UK’s busiest port.

Highland Copper: Pioneering a domestic copper supply in the US

Barry O’Shea, Chief Financial Officer at Highland Copper, outlines how the company will ensure a domestic copper supply in the US. Strong trends continue towards...

Advancing fusion energy technologies in the UK

Professor Kate Royse explains how UK organisations are collaborating to accelerate fusion energy technologies.

Improving hydrogen fuel cell charging times

Researchers have developed a new design for hydrogen fuel cells that could significantly reduce charging times.

Why is the EU championing nuclear energy to secure a greener future?

Learn about the current and projected future outlook for nuclear energy within Europe with Massimo Garribba of the European Commission.

Achieving net zero goals through optimising nuclear reactor safety

EPRI and Vanderbilt University highlight the importance of incorporating risk insights early in the advanced nuclear reactor design process to shorten schedules and enhance...

Hydrogen-powered vehicles: Fuelling the drive for zero carbon emissions

Steve Gill, CEO of First Hydrogen Automotive., explains more about the company’s plans to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles for the light commercial market. Based in Vancouver,...

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Special Reports

Platinum group element exploration begins at Mt Thirsty project

Drilling has begun at the Mt Thirsty Joint Venture project in Australia, exploring the next big platinum group element (PGE) and battery metal deposit. The...

The essential role of flake graphite in vehicle electrification

Volt Carbon Technologies illustrate the vital role of natural flake graphite in powering the transition to electric vehicles and how their cutting-edge technology advances...

Crater Lake Project: Ensuring the supply for scandium-aluminium alloys

Scandium-aluminium alloys have the potential to significantly reduce weight in the aerospace, military and automotive industries. Don Bubar and Luc Duchesne explore how the...

Green light for Eclipse’s Greenland rare earths exploration plans

Australian mineral explorer Eclipse Metals Limited (ASX: EPM) is preparing for a busy 2022 field season in Greenland, analysing the country’s abundance of rare...

Partner News

Avalon to supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide

Avalon have partnered with LG Energy Solution. Starting in 2025, Avalon will supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

AFCP executes a letter of intent with Progressus for clean hydrogen joint venture project

AFCP has executed a letter of intent with Progressus to develop an industry-leading clean hydrogen joint venture project.

Blue Sky Uranium reveals exciting results from Ivana Deposit

Blue Sky Uranium Corp has announced assay results from the last tranche of the completed reverse circulation (RC) drilling program at the Ivana Deposit.

AFCP’s Belgium subsidiary achieves ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification

AFCP's Belgium subsidiary Fuel Cell Power NV has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system.

Special Reports Cont'd

The vicious circle of drought and flood

RSS-Hydro’s Dr Paolo Tamagnone and Dr Guy Schumann examine how climate change is causing a greater frequency of extreme hydrological events. We all know that...

Lithium mining in Western Australia unearths the key to net zero

Lithium Power International details how Western Australia’s extensive lithium mining projects will be critical to achieving carbon neutrality Lithium fever is into its third year...

Achieving net zero goals through optimising nuclear reactor safety

EPRI and Vanderbilt University highlight the importance of incorporating risk insights early in the advanced nuclear reactor design process to shorten schedules and enhance...

A look at historic breakthroughs in flood mapping from space

Dr Guy Schumann, the Founder and CEO of RSS-Hydro, details the fascinating technological evolution of flood mapping from space. The Landsat series of satellites is...

Partner News Cont'd

Argentina Lithium closes non-brokered private placement and acquisition of Rinconcita II at Salar de Rincon

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp announces the closure of non-brokered private placement and acquisition of Rinconcita II at Salar de Rincon.

Hatch to design, test and manage all DLE programmes for LithiumBank

LithiumBank Resources brings on engineering firm Hatch to work directly on the Boardwalk Lithium Brine Project with two direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology companies. LithiumBank...

From Independence Day to energy independence in the US

Brent Wilson, the CEO of Galvanic Energy, discusses the necessity of achieving energy independence and the future of lithium battery production in the US. This...

Argentina Lithium commences lithium exploration at Rincon West

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp announces the commencement of lithium exploration drilling at its Rincon West project in Salta Province, Argentina. At the Rincon West...