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    Ensuring a sustainable future with Cirba Solutions battery recycling

    Cirba Solutions is pioneering a circular economy for batteries through their world-renowned battery recycling expertise.

    Cirba Solutions is the combined entity representing Heritage Battery Recycling, Retriev Technologies, and Battery Solutions, creating the most experienced and comprehensive battery management and materials platform, enabling a circular battery supply chain for the industry.

    This entity signifies where circularity and batteries come together. As the only full-service provider of any battery chemistry (cross-chemistry), format, or size, they also cover services including the collection, sorting, storage, logistics, and processing, making them uniquely positioned to meet their mission of empowering an electric future to accelerate human progress.

    About Cirba Solutions

    Cirba Solutions represents the gold standard in battery recycling, leading the industry for 30 years through its pioneering material processing and upgrading services. To date, the company has serviced over 7,000 customers and recycled hundreds of millions of pounds of batteries.

    The primary aim of Cirba Solutions is to optimise the circular economy model of battery recycling, reutilising reclaimed materials in the marketplace to alleviate the dependence on newly mined materials, an essential step toward ensuring Earth’s sustainable future.

    World-leading battery recycling services

    Batteries are the beating heart that powers the planet, fuelling a range of essential technologies we use daily, from smartphones to watches, and will be crucial as the world transitions to electric vehicles. Due to their demand increasing exponentially in the coming years, cutting-edge battery recycling methods will be vital to ensuring sustainability in battery production and safeguarding the planet’s resources.

    The company’s advanced processing and material upgrading proficiencies facilitate world-leading battery recycling that produces little waste, providing a fully sustainable circular supply chain for battery materials. Cirba Solutions expertly recycle old batteries, extract valuable materials, and develop cathode-grade materials that can be utilised to create new batteries.

    Additionally, they provide testing, repairing, and warehouse support, as well as working with 7,000 partners across the US to guarantee that services can reach any customer. Their battery recycling services range is available in industries including telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, retail, industrial, government, military, and more.

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