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Webb detects complex organic molecules 12 billion light-years from Earth

US researchers have identified complex organic molecules 12 billion light-years from Earth using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

ESA invites proposals for commercial space cargo services to the ISS

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting European companies to innovate commercial space cargo solutions.

Large water plume from Saturn’s moon Enceladus mapped by Webb

Learn about the large water plume from Saturn's moon that has been detected by researchers using the James Webb Telescope.

Exciting news as the JUICE mission is now ready for launch

The JUICE mission, which aims to explore the planet Jupiter and its three largest moons, is now ready to leave Earth.

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CUA polymer-fibre satellite micropropulsion systems readying for launch

CU Aerospace is preparing to launch a series of innovative micropropulsion systems for flight on satellites in the near future. Champaign-Urbana Aerospace (CUA) has developed...

Capturing a Universal understanding from James Webb Space Telescope Images

Dr Massimo Robberto, an AURA Observatory Scientist from the Space Telescope Science Institute, details the galactic journey to capture the first breathtaking James Webb...

Using software technologies to enable spacecraft trajectory optimisation

Dr Ryne Beeson, Senior Scientist at CU Aerospace, shares new and enabling capabilities optimising the design of spacecraft trajectories to achieve mission objectives. The advent...

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Relativistic jets found to impact star formation

Researchers have discovered that the Teacup galaxy is the ideal case to study the effects of relativistic jets on star formation.

Potential to locate life on Mars with Artificial Intelligence

Researchers have found that AI can help identify hidden patterns within geographical data that could indicate life on Mars.

Carbon levels around galaxies shed light on the history of the Universe

Astrophysicists have revealed what the Universe was like 13 billion years ago after measuring carbon levels surrounding ancient galaxies.

Star formation determined by Artificial Intelligence 

Areas of star formation in the Milky Way have been successfully identified by researchers through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

UK Space Agency announces funding for future Moon exploration

The UK Space Agency has announced today that it will provide over £50m to UK companies to aid further Moon exploration projects.

A new discovery has shed light on early black hole formation

A rapidly growing black hole has been discovered in one of the most extreme galaxies known in the very early Universe. 

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