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Space weather causes understood with 3cm glass sphere innovation

Learn about a groundbreaking new method developed to understand space weather that only requires a 3cm glass sphere.

Alien life – can a new laser detect it?

Are we alone in the Universe? A cutting-edge new laser device may be able to detect alien life on planets.

Radio signal detected from far away galaxy

Astronomers have identified a radio signal from the most distant galaxy to date using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope in India.

Innovative nano-coating can help harvest energy in space

A research team has invented a nano-coating that can reduce the operating temperatures of space-qualified structures from 120°C to 60°C.

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CUA polymer-fibre satellite micropropulsion systems readying for launch

CU Aerospace is preparing to launch a series of innovative micropropulsion systems for flight on satellites in the near future. Champaign-Urbana Aerospace (CUA) has developed...

Capturing a Universal understanding from James Webb Space Telescope Images

Dr Massimo Robberto, an AURA Observatory Scientist from the Space Telescope Science Institute, details the galactic journey to capture the first breathtaking James Webb...

Using software technologies to enable spacecraft trajectory optimisation

Dr Ryne Beeson, Senior Scientist at CU Aerospace, shares new and enabling capabilities optimising the design of spacecraft trajectories to achieve mission objectives. The advent...

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Virgin Orbit granted final approval for the first Spaceport Cornwall launch

Virgin Orbit granted final remaining licenses from UK Civil Aviation Authority ahead of the first UK launch from Spaceport Cornwall.

Dust devils recorded on Mars for the first time

Instruments onboard the Perseverance rover have captured the first-ever sound recording of dust devils – tiny tornadoes of dust – on Mars.

Using atomic clocks in space to solve dark matter mystery

Read about how sending atomic clocks deep into space may help to detect and understand enigmatic dark matter.

Inside Virgo: Europe’s flagship gravitational wave detector

Giancarlo Cella details Italy’s Virgo interferometer, designed to detect gravitational waves predicted by the general theory of relativity.

UK Government funds £1.84 billion for Earth observation programmes

Discover what the UK Government's £1.84 billion in funding to support the Earth Observation sector means for the UK space industry.

James Webb Space Telescope reveals brand new exoplanet information

The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed a detailed chemical portrait of an exoplanet’s skies, including atoms and molecules.

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Pulsar: Envisioning the future of helium

Pulsar Helium Inc. is committed to advancing its helium projects to the point of potential production, to ensure that...

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