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£50m investment set to revolutionise space infrastructure

Discover how a new programme will support the development of cutting-edge research and development facilities in space infrastructure.

Flights from Sydney to London take just two hours with an outer space shortcut

Travellers may soon be able to enjoy flights from Sydney to London in just two hours via going through outer space.

Space debris tracking satellite launched on SpaceX Transporter-7

The OeWF has launched its groundbreaking space debris tracking satellite – ADLER-2 – on board SpaceX's Transporter-7 mission.

Space based solar power plant concepts in development with ESA

ESA has signed contracts for two concept studies for commercial-scale space based solar power plants, a vital step in its SOLARIS initiative.

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CUA polymer-fibre satellite micropropulsion systems readying for launch

CU Aerospace is preparing to launch a series of innovative micropropulsion systems for flight on satellites in the near future. Champaign-Urbana Aerospace (CUA) has developed...

Capturing a Universal understanding from James Webb Space Telescope Images

Dr Massimo Robberto, an AURA Observatory Scientist from the Space Telescope Science Institute, details the galactic journey to capture the first breathtaking James Webb...

Using software technologies to enable spacecraft trajectory optimisation

Dr Ryne Beeson, Senior Scientist at CU Aerospace, shares new and enabling capabilities optimising the design of spacecraft trajectories to achieve mission objectives. The advent...

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The satellite connectivity revolution: The race for global coverage in a new mobile phone industry

The race for technology dominance in mobile phones will see them communicate with satellites, improving satellite connectivity everywhere.

Lift off for UK space projects with £6.5m levelling-up funding

The UK Space Agency has announced it will be funding £6.5m to support 18 projects to boost the UK space industry.

White dwarf star mass measured by Hubble for the first time

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has quantified the mass of a white dwarf star directly for the first time ever. A white dwarf star is a...

Northumbria University solar storm project awarded £500,000 to develop AI prediction system

A £500,000 Northumbria University project will develop an Artificial Intelligence solar storm forecasting system.

Space weather causes understood with 3cm glass sphere innovation

Learn about a groundbreaking new method developed to understand space weather that only requires a 3cm glass sphere.

Alien life – can a new laser detect it?

Are we alone in the Universe? A cutting-edge new laser device may be able to detect alien life on planets.

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Pulsar: The force in helium

Pulsar Helium Inc. is committed to advancing its helium projects to the point of potential production, to ensure that...

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