The Burmann Lab: Exploring the Tudor domain in unprecedented detail

Dr Björn M. Burmann describes how his group are elucidating how altered protein dynamics contribute to the functional repertoire.

Using calorimeters to develop more efficient battery packs

Dr Carlos Ziebert, head of IAM-AWP’s Calorimeter Center, KIT, explains how calorimeters can help to develop safer, more efficient battery packs in the Horizon 2020 project HELIOS.

BioRescue moves closer to saving northern white rhino from extinction

The BioRescue Project has announced a significant development in stopping the extinction of severely endangered the northern white rhino.

Groundbreaking steps towards achieving a quantum refrigerator

Researchers have moved closer towards accomplishing a quantum refrigerator with the invention of a novel cooling concept; computer simulations indicate that quantum fields could be utilised to break low-temperature records.

Novel exotic hadron discovered by researchers at CERN’s LHCb

With the help of the LHCb at CERN, researchers have detected a new exotic hadron that comprises two charm quarks and an up and down antiquark.

Enhancing food preservation with mango-based bioplastic

Researchers have created a bioplastic comprised of nanofibrillated cellulose and mango leaf in an effort to improve food preservation.

Novel development of technology for thermal-imaging sensors

New technology for inexpensive thermal-imaging sensors that function at temperatures as high as 100°C have been developed for applications such as smartphones and autonomous vehicles. 

Scientists confirm Earth’s clouds are intensifying global heating

A novel investigation has indicated that the Earth's cloud cover is potentially exacerbating the intensity of global heating worldwide.

What lies beyond the Standard Model of particle physics?

Dr Jongseok Lim discusses how his prestigious Ernest Rutherford Fellowship will enable him to search beyond the Standard Model.

Putting women at the forefront of deep tech with Women TechEU 

The European Commission has launched a novel EU programme called Women TechEU to support the growth of women women-led deep tech start-ups. 

Removing micropollutants from the environment with chemistry discovery

Scientists have identified a method for removing harmful micropollutants from the environment by employing a novel chemistry approach.

Attaining first images of electronic switches in a quantum device

Researchers have captured images of electronic switches functioning in a quantum device for the first time, potentially advancing computing.

Groundbreaking discovery of laser-assisted electron scattering in liquid 

Researchers at Graz University of Technology have, for the first time, demonstrated laser-assisted electron scattering in liquid. This discovery offers exciting new prospects for ultra-fast electron microscopy. 

Learning from biology to improve water splitting catalysts

Dr Anna Schenk from the University of Bayreuth discusses the use of biogenic minerals as biomaterials and applications such as water splitting catalysts and fuel cells.

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