The fundamental role of physics in understanding the universe

Professor Regina Demina, from the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Rochester, argues that the role of physics is finding the truth and making sense of the world, and should not be seen as only geared towards the discovery of wholly new phenomena

Scientists have achieved the first visualisation of quantum dots in bilayer graphene

The first visualisation of quantum dots in bilayer graphene, revealing the shape of the quantum wave function of the trapped electrons.

Combining nanomaterials and biomaterials to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases

Northeastern University explains how nanomaterials and biomaterials can be used to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases.

COVID-19: researchers identify molecules that can pave the way for new antiviral drugs

Researchers have discovered a series of molecules that expose COVID-19 to the body’s immune system, opening up the possibility for new antiviral drugs to treat the virus.

The role of visuospatial processing on STEM learning

Dr Juan Cristóbal Castro-Alonso, an Associate Researcher at Universidad de Chile’s Institute of Education, discusses his work using computer instruments to investigate visuospatial processing and STEM performance

Newcastle University acquires company to aid research strength in electric vehicles and transportation

Newcastle University has acquired Zero Carbon Futures, a North-East based company that offers project delivery, marketing, training and insight into low carbon vehicles and future city technologies

Researchers have created a pearl spectrometer for biomedical and military applications

Innovators at Purdue University, USA, have demonstrated light transport-assisted information processing by creating a pearl spectrometer.

Plastic pollution: new study reveals how microplastic particles travel

A Princeton University study has revealed how microplastic particles travel long distances through porous materials with implications for preventing the spread and accumulation of contaminants in food and water sources. Plastic pollution is everywhere, with microplastic particles found in natural...

Energy storage solutions for electric vehicles

Guest author, Jona Blue, discusses the wider adoption of electric vehicles in the UK and which energy storage solutions have the highest potential.

New bioplastic film made from a by-product of palm oil

Researchers from Malaysia have created a new bioplastic film made from a by-product of palm oil to reduce plastic pollution and biological waste from the palm industry. Research published in Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry suggests that a...

Researchers 3D bioprint fibrocartilage

Scientists from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, USA, can 3D bioprint cartilage to treat those suffering from arthritis and knee injuries.

New collaboration to facilitate new developments in sensing technologies

A collaboration between the University of Birmingham, BAE Systems, BT, and BP is aiming to bring forth new developments in sensing technologies.

Solving the mystery behind dark energy and the cosmological constant

A team of Columbian researchers suggest that an early model could solve the mystery behind the relationship between dark energy and the cosmological constant. The cosmological constant is the energy density of space or vacuum energy. It is closely associated...

Researchers create the first-ever 3D printed biomimetic tongue

Researchers led by the University of Leeds, UK, have used 3D printing technology to produce a synthetic material with a tongue-like texture, creating the first-ever biomimetic tongue. In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, UK, the team’s biomimetic tongue has...

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