Ecotechnology News

Wind-based electrification in a climate neutral Europe

WindEurope’s ‘Electric City’ event highlighted that wind-based electrification will account for half of the electricity produced in a climate neutral transition. WindEurope’s 2021 annual event,...

Wood: The renewable raw material to fuel our green future

Dr Andreas Eigenheer from the Bern University of Applied Sciences outlines how wood - an exceptionally versatile renewable raw material - can be utilised...

Mitigating water-related natural disasters with new technology

Dr Hamid Mehmood, Senior Researcher at the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health, spoke to Innovation News Network about the development of a...

Investigating the impacts of climate change on northern peatlands

The ERG are investigating how northern peatlands respond to anthropogenic disturbances, land-use changes, and climate warming.

Electric vehicles – transforming the European transport industry

Swamini Kulkarni, Content Writer for Allied Market Research, analyses how electric vehicles are transforming the European transport industry.

Giving waste value: Utilising biotechnology to convert food waste

Ingmar Høgøy, CEO of Greentech Innovators, explains how the company is using biotechnology to convert food waste into single cell protein and organic fertiliser.

NextGenerationEU green bonds for a more sustainable future

The European Commission has taken considerable steps towards the issuing of €250bn of NextGenerationEU green bonds to support green projects.

Revolutionising marine studies with waterproof drones

Pushing innovation forward, AguaDrone is assisting the entire waterways industry, from fishers to scientists, with its modular waterproof drone system.

UK Shipping industry to lessen CO2 output with space technology

A UK company is utilising satellite data to create technology that will enable the shipping industry to lower its CO2 emissions and facilitate wind power for use on ships.

£40m in funding for boosting green jobs and nature recovery in the UK

Projects have received a total of £40m in grants to facilitate 2,500 green jobs, plant nearly one million trees and boost the UK's nature recovery.

Eliminating the dangers posed by lead in perovskite solar cells 

Researchers from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have discovered a way of using phosphate salt to mitigate the dangerous impact of lead in perovskite solar cells. 

Developing an innovative and future facing wind turbine system

American Wind Inc has created a wind turbine system different to anything ever seen on the market. It can bring clean, secure, renewable energy that is finally affordable for companies and utilities to invest in.

Is stand-alone renewable energy and clean water production possible?

Blue Power Synergy is working towards the creation of stand-alone renewable energy systems to produce not only electricity but also clean water.

Groundbreaking technology heightens organic solar cells’ performance

Researchers working at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) have developed a novel technology that can enhance the efficiency of organic solar cells.

Banning the landfill of wind turbine blades in Europe

WindEurope has appealed for a landfill ban on decommissioned wind turbine blades across the continent by 2025.

New electrode coating boosts performance of a photovoltaic cell

A KAUST led study has revealed that a single-molecule layer electrode coating can boost the performance of an organic photovoltaic cell.

€17.5 billion for fair and inclusive green transition in Europe

The European Council has adopted a new regulation establishing a €17.5 billion fund to ensure that Europe’s green transition is fair and inclusive.


The latest ecotechnology news from organisations researching, developing, demonstrating and promoting ecologically sympathetic techniques to save energy and reduce waste.

Ecotechnology and it’s implementation looks at the use of technologies for improved ecosystem management based on a deep understanding of principles on which natural ecological systems are built.

The goal of ecotechnology is to facilitate the transfer of such principles into ecosystem management in a way which can help reduce the global impact of energy and waste production.