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    Marineholmen RASLab – Innovating the future of aquaculture

    Marineholmen RASLab is innovating the future of aquaculture with its experience and expertise in aquaculture production and recirculation aquaculture technology.

    Marineholmen RASLab AS is a contract research and innovation company with a focus on land-based aquaculture production and water recirculation aquaculture technology (RAS). Marineholmen RASLab can be contracted to carry out research and development projects with commercial partners, universities and research institutes. As well as this it conducts some of its own research as a partner in internationally funded research projects. Marineholmen RASLab operates 12 independent, self-contained state-of-the-art RAS systems for use with fresh or salt water at a range of temperatures for research with cool water species. The configurations of the RAS systems allows for the testing of species at commercial densities and under commercial simulated conditions at a research capacity.

    As a cornerstone of the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult (OINC) in Bergen, Marineholmen RASLab is a key resource of testing and innovation in the marine sector. Marineholmen RASLab works closely with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) and start-up companies to assist in the innovation pathway, helping guide on R&D strategy and planning, identifying funding sources, prototyping and testing, and validation of innovations for the aquaculture industry, as well as related industries.

    Marineholmen RASLab also is involved in delivering education and training in RAS technology and operation, partnering with Universities and vocational training centres. On top of this, it develops bespoke courses for companies. The RASLab environment is an excellent learning space for understanding and studying the operation of RAS technology, as well as learning about RAS system management, operation, and health management of fish in land-based RAS systems.

    Marineholmen RASLab’s team of scientists and operators have a wide experience, allowing them to cover a wide scope of aspects of fish production, fish health management, environmental microbiology and RAS systems design and operation. Coupled with its expertise in innovation and excellence in delivering scientific outcomes, Marineholmen RASLab is innovating the future of aquaculture.


    • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: operation, research, design and management
    • Aquaculture production systems
    • Aquaculture health management
    • Fish pathology
    • Aquaculture environmental microbiology
    • Aquaculture research
    • Aquaculture Research and Innovation


    • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
    • Aquaculture Technology
    • Fish health and welfare
    • Water quality management
    • Aquaculture microbiology
    • Water treatment technology

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