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the Tudor domain

The Burmann Lab: Exploring the Tudor domain in unprecedented detail

Dr Björn M. Burmann describes how his group are elucidating how altered protein dynamics contribute to the functional repertoire.
Using calorimeters to develop more efficient battery packs

Using calorimeters to develop more efficient battery packs

Dr Carlos Ziebert, head of IAM-AWP’s Calorimeter Center, KIT, explains how calorimeters can help to develop safer, more efficient battery packs in the Horizon 2020 project HELIOS.
hydro power

Guaranteeing fish-friendly hydro power with the Free Flow turbine

The Free Flow turbine harvests sustainable hydro power from tidal and river current in a fish-friendly and highly efficient manner.
lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide for the European battery industry

How AMG Lithium will contribute to securing a sustainable supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide for the emerging European battery industry

Ensuring fish welfare in the aquaculture industry with SeaNest

SeaNest is a unique habitat for cleaner fish, ensuring their safety and health as they work to protect our salmon from parasitic sea lice.
critical minerals

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.: Critical minerals for clean technology

President and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc., Donald Bubar, discusses the company’s strategy to sustainably produce critical minerals.
Achieving a balanced and sustainable future for all

Achieving a balanced and sustainable future for all

Frequency’s Digital Marketing team supports Havkraft’s ambition of creating a balanced and sustainable future.
Learning from biology to improve water splitting catalysts

Learning from biology to improve water splitting catalysts

Dr Anna Schenk from the University of Bayreuth discusses the use of biogenic minerals as biomaterials and applications such as water splitting catalysts and fuel cells.
Innovating the future of wind energy

Developing an innovative and future facing wind turbine system

American Wind Inc has created a wind turbine system different to anything ever seen on the market. It can bring clean, secure, renewable energy that is finally affordable for companies and utilities to invest in.
Converting wave energy to electricity

Limerick Wave: converting wave energy to electricity

Limerick Wave’s mission is to transform the mechanical power of sea waves into electrical power for general consumption.
renewable energy market

What does the future hold for the renewable energy market?

Paul Collins, Founder/Manager of DesignPro Renewables, discusses the changes in the renewable energy market in recent years.
fish welfare in aquaculture

Ensuring fish welfare in aquaculture with new digital app

Marineholmen RASLab CEO Mark Powell discusses their newly developed app-based tool for monitoring fish welfare in aquaculture.
fish welfare

The evolving face of fish welfare in the aquaculture industry

In the world of fish welfare, Flatsetsund Engineering pioneer technology needed to eliminate sea lice and save the salmon industry.
crystalline vein graphite

RS Mines’ crystalline vein graphite – the ‘new oil’ for electric batteries

RS Mines, pioneers of the exploration and mining of Sri Lankan Crystalline Vein Graphite, present the Queen’s Mine – the highest quality graphite from the world’s largest graphite resource.
lithium-ion battery

Achieving clean energy with ABTC’s lithium-ion battery recycling

ABTC's Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Melsert, discusses the company’s lithium-ion battery recycling process and green energy verticals.
electric vehicles

United Lithium: ensuring Europe’s supply chain for electric vehicles

United Lithium is a lithium exploration company aiming to support the European Battery Gigafactories built for electric vehicles.

Providing solutions for the lithium-ion battery demand

As lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle markets grow, so too does the demand for LIB nickel. Queensland Pacific Metals hold the solution.
Cable bacteria

Investigating the behaviour of cable bacteria with CEM

The team at the Center for Electromicrobiology explain how they are directing their research to unravel the functions of cable bacteria.

Why American critical minerals are key to revolutionising electric vehicles

Jim Sims, the Vice-President of NioCorp discusses tackling issues in the mineral supply chain, advancing the production of electric vehicles.
floating platforms

Achieving renewable energy goals with innovative floating platforms

Franklin Martin presents the benefits of using large floating platforms in the drive toward renewable energy goals and reduced CO2 emissions.

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