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performance of timber

Using technology to improve the performance of timber

Gordon Ewbank discusses the benefits of building with timber and how technology is being used to improve the material’s performance.
water-smart society

Water Europe on achieving a water-smart society

Durk Krol of Water Europe discusses the barriers to achieving a water-smart society and how Water Europe is developing the solutions.
truly sustainable agriculture

Bringing down the barriers to truly sustainable agriculture

Patrick Holden CBE discusses issues such as the Agriculture Bill, Brexit, and the ‘land sharing’ versus ‘land sparing’ debate.
battery industry

The European battery industry: on track for battery market leadership

RECHARGE outline some of the barriers, and their solutions, to achieving the vision of a prosperous and sustainable economy.
nuclear physics community

Leading the US nuclear physics community

Berkeley Lab discusses leading the US nuclear physics community and the diverse research activities taking place at the lab.
diabetes patients

Continuing to bring hope to diabetes patients

Stefano Del Prato spoke of continuing to bring hope to diabetes patients as he opened the organisation’s 56th annual meeting.
water quality management system

Innovation in recirculating aquaculture systems and water quality management systems

Trond Vegger, CEO of Noras Watertech, outlines his company’s innovations in recirculating aquaculture systems, its water quality management system, its improved aquaponic solution, and the benefits they bring
biocide spills

Eco-friendly antifouling: avoiding the spill of biocides with Finsulate’s wrapping solution

Finsulate prevents this deliberate and unnecessary pollution with its eco-friendly antifouling wrapping solution.
cleaner fish

Innovation in maintaining the welfare of cleaner fish

SeaNest’s Trond Marøy and Espen Øvreeide discuss how they have optimised the habitat of cleaner fish to enhance their health and wellbeing
osteochondral scaffold

Innovation in osteochondral scaffold for early intervention of osteoarthritis

By finding a way to treat patients at an early stage of cartilage damage we could delay or avoid the need for a total joint replacement.

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