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Exploring cilia: The driving force behind life on Earth

Professor Kazuo Inaba, from the Shimoda Marine Research Center, highlights the role of cilia in the human body and oceans.
How KSK Aqua are optimising biological filters for water purification

How KSK Aqua are optimising biological filters for water purification

KSK Aqua develops innovative biological filters to ensure optimal water purification. Here they share how these clever solutions work.

Switzerland’s first pilot plant for indigenous forest biomass extraction

BFH and Schilliger Holz AG's pilot plant for producing extracts from indigenous forest biomass revolutionises the forestry and wood industry.
PEF plastics

Citrus peel offers alternative route to bio-based PEF-plastics

Sari Rautiainen, Senior Scientist at VTT, proposes a new circular approach to PEF plastics: from citrus peel to plastic bottles.
biofilter media

New biofilter media improving water quality in aquaculture

CerMedia LLC has created MarinePure®, biofilter media that aims to increase yields and system capacity for aquaculture farmers worldwide.

How AlgaePro are accelerating aquaculture innovation

Ingmar Høgøy discusses the impacts of AlgaePro AS’s new technology designed to cultivate microalgae for the aquaculture sector.

Lithium – the key to our energy transformation

International battery metals (IBAT) and its partners are dedicated to bringing about a green lithium extraction revolution.
creeping landslides

Understanding the complexity of creeping landslides initiation and beyond

Dr Andre Baldermann, Senior Scientist at TU Graz, explains how creeping landslides are initiated and presents a customised engineered solution to help prevent them.
cardiac death

Younger people and the risk of sudden cardiac death

Discussing the prevalence of coronary artery disease and autopsy findings among sudden cardiac death victims under the age of 50.

How the University of Kansas is paving the way in revealing radiation

Revealing radiation with unprecedented precision and the secrets of matter from the scale of the Universe to quarks.

The theory of evolution: establishing positive learning environments

Evolution expert Professor Lawrence C Scharmann believes pedagogical practices can ensure the development of positive learning environments.
USA Rare Earth: supplying critical minerals for the green technology revolution

USA Rare Earth: supplying critical minerals for the green technology revolution

Building a resilient ‘mine-to-magnet’ and ‘mine-to-battery’ vertically-integrated clean-green domestic supply chain for critical minerals.
wave energy

The future of testing wave energy technology

A new H2020 project is using hybrid testing methods proven in other industries to create a new hybrid testing platform for wave energy converters. 

Logistics solutions to solve the emissions crisis

Andrew Firmston-Williams, CEO of EVMI solutions limited, explains how their innovative logistics solutions can solve the emissions crisis.
River cleaning

Saving our rivers from oil with River Cleaning

Oil spills can have a devastating impact on the environment, River Cleaning hopes to keep these disasters at bay with its technology.
Nuclear Structure

The Clover Array for Nuclear Structure Studies at HIγS

A new research programme in low-energy nuclear structure is currently under development at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory.
UV technology in aquaculture

The benefits of UV technology in aquaculture

With almost 40 years of experience with using UV technology in aquaculture, VGE makes aquaculture more sustainable.
Unravelling the mystery of recirculating aquaculture systems

Unravelling the mystery of recirculating aquaculture systems

Marineholmen RASLab CEO, Mark Powell, explains the basis behind recirculating aquaculture systems technology, which in recent years, has been an area of significant focus in the aquaculture industry.
vanadium clean energy

Vanadium: a key component in the clean energy future

Australia’s only vanadium production facility is poised to be a strategic partner for the long-term clean energy storage market. As governments around the world set...
waterproof drone

Revolutionising marine studies with world’s first waterproof drone

AguaDrone is assisting the entire waterways industry, from fishers to scientists, with its modular drone system and the creation of a waterproof drone.

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