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clean electricity

Clean electricity from ocean waves

Jonas Kamf, CEO of Waves4Power AB, explains how the company’s patented technology generates clean electricity, free from CO2 emissions, by harvesting the energy of ocean waves.
battery ready cobalt

Battery ready cobalt for electric vehicles

Introducing Cobalt Blue Holdings (COB) and the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP), an integrated mine/refinery that will supply battery ready cobalt for over five million electric vehicles.

New initiative, EnergyTag, enables energy users to verify the source of their energy every...

EnergyTag, a new initiative led by some of the world’s largest players in renewable energy, will help bring greater transparency for energy consumers and accelerate the shift to clean energy.
electric vehicles

Newcastle University acquires company to aid research strength in electric vehicles and transportation

Newcastle University has acquired Zero Carbon Futures, a North-East based company that offers project delivery, marketing, training and insight into low carbon vehicles and future city technologies
energy harvesting textile

New wearable energy harvesting textile harnesses solar power

Researchers create a new energy harvesting textile that allows the wearer to harness solar energy to be converted into electrical energy. According to their 2030...
hybrid supercapacitor

New hybrid supercapacitor to improve upon conventional batteries

Researchers from Graz University of Technology, Austria, have developed a safe and sustainable hybrid supercapacitor for the repeated storage of electrical energy. Limited safety, sustainability,...

The SPARC emission-free power plant

MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) have published a new series of papers outlining the progress of the SPARC project, which aims to create...
silica aerogels

Innovation in silica aerogels – solutions to insulation and energy storage

Recent developments in silica aerogels present new solutions to the field of advanced materials. With applications in insulation, energy storage, and catalysis, could silica...
innovation network

UK-based innovation network to address environmental challenges

An innovation network, named KTN, has launched a new strategy to address some of Britain’s greatest environmental and societal challenges. The UK’s largest innovation network,...

Study reveals the properties of astatine, the rarest element on Earth

Researchers at CERN’s ISOLDE facility have successfully measured the electron affinity of astatine, the rarest naturally occurring element on Earth. For the first time, scientists...

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