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Revolutionising the battery sector in the UK and beyond

Revolutionising the battery sector in the UK and beyond

Isobel Sheldon OBE discusses how Britishvolt stands to revolutionise the the lithium-ion, and beyond lithium-ion battery sector in the UK and beyond.
tidal waterpower

Intelligent turbines to produce green energy from tidal waterpower

Engineers from the University Otto von Guericke of Magdeburg are developing intelligent turbines for green energy from tidal waterpower.
cathode materials

How lithium-rich cathode materials for electric vehicles store charge at high voltages

Researchers have released insight into how lithium-rich cathode materials for high energy electric vehicles store charge at high voltages.
green economic recovery

New battery infrastructure in Spain will accelerate Europe’s green economic recovery

Spanish companies have announced the launch of Battchain, a consortium formed to accelerate Europe’s green economic recovery.
solar energy project

New solar energy project introduces concept of UK eco-prisons

GFSL has led two solar energy projects that have provided prisons in the south of England with a environmentally friendly upgrades.

E-fuels project awarded €3.3m to develop high-temperature electrolysers

A €3.3m research project will boost the synthesis concept of e-fuels and the commercial readiness of high-temperature electrolysers.
lithium hydroxide

Building batteries: Why lithium and why lithium hydroxide?

It looks like lithium and lithium hydroxide is here to stay, for now: despite intensive research with alternative materials.

Innovating hydrogen fuel technology with MAXIMATOR

MAXIMATOR discusses its innovative hydrogen fuel technology, including its solutions for hydrogen compression, dispense, and storage. Hydrogen fuel can be produced through several methods. The...
salt battery

Rechargeable salt battery could be applied to metal-air batteries for electric vehicles

Researchers have designed a new type of rechargeable salt battery that could accelerate the shift to greener electric transport.
constructing solar cells

New method for constructing solar cells could increase their productivity

An international research have developed a new method for constructing solar cells that could significantly increase their efficiency.

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