New facility to accelerate battery recycling research at University of Birmingham

New battery testing and storage facilities have been installed at the University of Birmingham, in a bid to accelerate battery recycling research.

Converting carbon dioxide into methane using light energy

KAUST scientists have developed catalyst nanoparticles that use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into methane.

Can an increase in flowering fields help promote biodiversity?

Ecologists have analysed the effects of initiatives to plant flowering fields to increase biodiversity around agricultural landscapes.

Strong airflows in the lower atmosphere impact the performance of wind farms

Researchers have found strong airflows in the lower atmosphere, known as low-level jets, are beneficial to the performance of wind farms.

EU project creates technology to estimate biomass of farmed fish

An EU-funded project has developed a new method for estimating the biomass of farmed fish kept in net pens.

Revolutionising the battery sector in the UK and beyond

Isobel Sheldon OBE discusses how Britishvolt stands to revolutionise the the lithium-ion, and beyond lithium-ion battery sector in the UK and beyond.

Intelligent turbines to produce green energy from tidal waterpower

Engineers from the University Otto von Guericke of Magdeburg are developing intelligent turbines for green energy from tidal waterpower.

How climate warming influences the stability of microbial networks

A new study analyses the impacts of climate warming on the complexity and stability of microbial networks.

Do microplastics in soil affect the growth of agricultural crops?

A new research project at the University of Bayreuth will assess the effects of microplastics in soil on the growth of agricultural crops.

NOVA University: achieving the Sustainable Development Goals with interdisciplinary research

NOVA University Lisbon, a comprehensive young European public higher education institution, promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research that will help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable delousing: a necessity for growth in salmon farming

Lars Georg Backer, CEO of Flatsetsund Engineering AS, outlines how its sustainable delousing solution is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Renewing urban water quality

Dr Thomas Shahady from the University of Lynchburg outlines how challenges facing urban water quality can be addressed through a more holistic approach. The water quality of rivers flowing through urban and neighbourhood landscapes deserves our utmost concern. The people...

Hydroxyapatite increases the environmental safety of perovskite solar cells

Scientists have found a way to accelerate the uptake of solar technology by increasing the environmental safety of perovskite solar cells.

LIFE programme invests €121m into environment, nature, and climate action projects

The European Commission has announced an investment of €121m for new integrated projects under the LIFE programme.

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