Manufacturing industrially applicable materials from CO2

Novel method turns CO2 into a precious industrial material called silicon carbide, turning greenhouse gas emissions into economic resources.

Preventing biodiversity loss with microclimatic variability

Research on preventing biodiversity loss indicates that the population increase of endangered species of butterfly is largest in habitats with microclimatic variability.

Policy and people: The key’s to Europe’s sustainable development

Professor Enrico Giovannini, Founder and Director of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, discusses Europe’s sustainable future.

Groundbreaking advancements in the capacity of rechargeable batteries

British scientists have made a breakthrough in rechargeable batteries, estimating to achieve up to ten times the conventional capacity.

The landscape of Europe’s Sustainable Development Goals

Mariano Votta and Sergio Veroli discuss European citizen engagement and consumer policy in the service of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture

Dr Matthias Halwart, Senior Aquaculture Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization, discusses the aquaculture industry's challenges.

Developing optimal semiconductor solar cells with perovskite

Researchers at KAUST are developing a state-of-the-art approach to semiconductor solar cells using a microns-thick absorber layer consisting of perovskite single crystals.

The European Parliament: Creating stability for citizens and consumers

MEP Ros Sempere discusses how the European Parliament will play a key role in Europe’s transition to a more sustainable future.

RECHARGE: Shaping European battery regulation

Patrick de Metz, Chairman of RECHARGE, speaks to Innovation News Network about sustainability and European battery legislation.

Driving growth in the EU battery industry

EUROBAT President Dr Marc Zoellner outlines the association’s response to the European Commission proposals to modernise EU legislation on batteries, amid increasing demand and a growing battery industry.

Using Artificial Intelligence to effectively monitor water quality

Researchers at the University of Stirling have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor water quality more effectively.

Novel sodium-ion battery rivalling lithium for stability and efficiency

Researchers have manufactured a novel sodium-ion battery that may create a great alternative to lithium-ion cells.

New research into the safety of electric vehicle batteries

Researchers at Graz University of Technology have discovered that the safety of electric vehicle batteries increases as they get older.

Microplastics discovered in Europe’s largest ice cap for the first time

A research team has discovered microplastics in Europe’s largest ice cap, a potential warning sign for future environmental implications.

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