UK and Australia collaboration: Enhancing UK space command capabilities

Northern Space and Security Limited (NORSS) has announced an ARTISM contract that will create a minimum of 13 jobs and enhance the UK’s space command capabilities.

It is anticipated that this collaboration will generate a minimum of five new jobs at NOSS, UK, while Nominal, Australia, expect an additional eight. This unique international collaboration between NORSS and Nominal Systems of Australia has been awarded a contract titled: ‘ARTSIM’ to develop a spacecraft and missions simulator solution and enhance the UK’s space command capabilities.

How will this simulation software enhance space command capabilities?

The software-based solution will support the complete mission lifecycle from initial design activities, through testing and verification, commissioning, supporting spacecraft and mission operation as a ‘ground reference solution,’ as well as the end of life/disposal. Thus, blending the simulation with high-quality visualisations, ARTSIM will provide a modular, event-driven, fully data representative satellite simulation architecture.

How will this help mission success?

As the UK’s primary end-to-end Space Situational Awareness (SSA) experts, NORSS are delivering critical insights to government, industry, and defence for mission success. Offering training, operational support, technology research and development, and providing new bespoke sensor platforms to the UK, NORSS are executing on their vision to partner with world-leading companies globally to make a significant difference in the space industry—such as improving space command capabilities— both domestically and internationally.

“In the short time since its inception, NORSS has been blessed to meet and collaborate with some talented individuals and companies from overseas. This project is not only a natural extension of our continuing SSA development but also marks a significant and unprecedented collaboration across global hemispheres.

“We are delighted to be working with the Nominal team on this project providing significant capabilities to the newly formed Space Command, and excited about the additional benefits our partnership will create,” commented Ralph Dinz Dinsley, Founder and Executive Director of NORSS.

As Australia’s leading provider of satellite digital engineering software, Nominal Systems is proud to be partnering with NORSS to deliver ARTSIM to the UK. Built on the Nominal simulation platform, Nominal Systems is excited to be able to help fast-track the UK MOD’s space command capabilities through this unique collaboration between Australia and the UK.

“We are excited to be part of this unique Australia and UK collaboration with our partners, NORSS, and look forward to providing our digital twinning architecture, Nominal, to fast-track the delivery of ARTSIM to support the design, testing, and operations of the UK MOD’s space programmes,” concluded Dr Christopher Capon, Co-Founder and CEO of Nominal Systems.

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