Cirba Solutions partner with Jacobs to establish sustainable battery materials processing facilities

Battery material processing experts Cirba Solutions has announced a partnership with leading engineering design and facility buildout company Jacobs to advance sustainable battery materials production in North America.

Cirba Solutions is a global pioneer in the battery materials processing and management space, specialising in end-of-life batteries and Gigafactory manufacturing scrap. The company’s strategic partnership with Jacobs represents a significant boost for North America’s circular battery supply chain, with the processing facilities helping to secure a robust stream of materials crucial in electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

The collaboration will see the development of state-of-the-art battery materials processing facilities across North America, opening the door to a range of lucrative jobs, advancing battery materials processing technology, and boosting domestic EV battery supply chains.

Koti Vadlamudi, Senior Vice President, Global Business Solutions at Jacobs, commented: “Cirba Solutions’ dedication to sustainability and expertise in lithium-ion processing, critical to powering the EV industry, makes them a great partner for Jacobs.

“Their mission aligns with our purpose: to build a more connected and sustainable world.”

Developing the battery supply chain is essential to climate goals

In the US alone, EVs are forecasted to make up 52% of total car sales by 2030. This comes as no surprise, and the US, like many other countries globally, has introduced a policy to phase out emission-producing transport.

From 2035, the US has prohibited the sale of all new petrol and diesel-powered car in an effort to reduce the harmful emissions they produce and combat climate change.

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This significant paradigm shift in the automotive industry will see the transition to zero-emission transport options, such as EVs and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The transition will require a host of materials to manufacture their batteries. However, as these resources are finite, building a circular supply chain for these battery materials is essential for long-term sustainability.

How will the partnership advance battery materials processing

Jacobs has recently been recognised in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, highlighting how the company’s sustainable infrastructure projects align with Cirba Solutions’ focus on optimising all areas of sustainability in its business endeavours.

Cirba Solutions already boast six operational battery materials processing facilities with an estimated 13 sites scheduled before 2030.

Jacobs will manage facility design and support the construction of new operations, including the $200m expansion project at Cirba Solutions’ lithium-ion processing site in Lancaster, Ohio. The project recently received more than $82m in grants from the US Department of Energy.

The new battery materials processing facilities will generate hundreds of new jobs for local communities whilst providing pivotal critical materials for EV manufacturing.

Estimates suggest that recycled materials will represent over 10% of the cobalt and nickel supply by 2030 – rising to over 50% by 2050.

John Kelly, Vice President of Operations at Cirba Solutions, concluded: “Jacobs’ expertise and knowledge of an environmentally thoughtful approach are consistent with our focus to ensure our construction supports our strategic approach to technology and sustainability.”

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