Green Energy News

Unitized regenerative fuel cells for improved hydrogen production

Researchers show that unitized regenerative fuel cells lead to enhanced hydrogen production and power generation.

What role can lead-acid batteries play in the circular economy?

Roger Miksad, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Battery Council International, spoke to Innovation News Network about their organisation and the latest in lead battery manufacturing and recycling.

Banning the landfill of wind turbine blades in Europe

WindEurope has appealed for a landfill ban on decommissioned wind turbine blades across the continent by 2025.

Nuclear energy roadmap launched by experts at Manchester University

Nuclear experts at the University of Manchester have created a roadmap comprised of the actions needed to evaluate the role of nuclear energy in the UK’s net zero future.

New electrode coating boosts performance of a photovoltaic cell

A KAUST led study has revealed that a single-molecule layer electrode coating can boost the performance of an organic photovoltaic cell.

€17.5 billion for fair and inclusive green transition in Europe

The European Council has adopted a new regulation establishing a €17.5 billion fund to ensure that Europe’s green transition is fair and inclusive.

Study indicates that decarbonisation by 2050 is implausible

A study has concluded the first systematic investigation on climate futures, indicating that deep decarbonisation by 2050 is not plausible.

LED light bulbs to replace halogen light bulbs in Britain

In a shift towards a cleaner future, halogen light bulbs are to be banned in Britain from September 2021 and replaced with LED light bulbs.

Harnessing the power of solar energy through photosynthesis

Scientists are developing innovative techniques that utilise photosynthesis to harness solar energy, creating new methods of energy storage. 

Graphite and the green energy transition

Dr Corina Hebestreit, Managing Director of The European Carbon and Graphite Association (ECGA), discusses the role of graphite in the green energy transition.

New procedure enhances production of perovskite solar cells

Scientists have developed a method that boosts the manufacturing efficiency of perovskite solar cells, making them more commercially viable.

Cobalt: a key commodity in the green energy transition

David Weight, past President of the Cobalt Institute (CI), speaks to Innovation News Network's about cobalt’s role in the green energy transition.

Sustainable stationary energy storage with hybrid redox-flow batteries

Researchers at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg have developed a novel method for producing hybrid redox-flow batteries with a long battery life, with promising potential for sustainable stationary energy storage.

A new regulatory framework to support sustainable batteries

Vivian Loonela, Coordinating Spokesperson for the European Green Deal, discusses modernising the EU’s legislation for sustainable batteries.

Enhancing the efficiency of solar panels with holographic light

A recently developed holographic light collector increases the efficiency of solar panels with an energy conversion increase of around 5% over a year.

Achieving a decarbonised future with the power of marine energy

Matthew Finn, Commercial Director of the EMEC, discusses the role that marine energy can play in a decarbonised future and how EMEC can help.

Smart financing Britain’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Brian Foster, Head of Industry Finance at Siemens Financial Services, UK, discusses how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be financed in order to play a role in Britain’s zero carbon future.

The Valjevo Project and the sustainable mining of lithium and borates

Euro Lithium speaks to Innovation News Network about its long-term vision for sustainable mining with the Valjevo Project. Lithium and borates will play an essential...

World’s first concept for rechargeable cement-based batteries

Novel research at the Chalmers University of Technology outlines a new theory for developing cement-based rechargeable batteries.

Energy target sparks French renewable energy revolution

New EU policy has prompted France to innovate its renewable energy strategy, with the aims of becoming Europe’s leaders in green energy.

Novel enzyme system for the hydrogen industry

An international research team has discovered an enzyme system for the hydrogen industry that can produce hydrogen using electricity and vice versa.

Engineered bacteria offer promise to sustainable biofuel industry

Researchers at Hiroshima University have discovered that engineered bacteria could aid the sustainable biofuel industry.

Successful hydroxide ion conductivity improves fuel cell performance

Researchers have successfully performed hydroxide ion conductivity, potentially advancing anion exchange membrane fuel cell technology.

Groundbreaking advancements in the capacity of rechargeable batteries

British scientists have made a breakthrough in rechargeable batteries, estimating to achieve up to ten times the conventional capacity.

The landscape of Europe’s Sustainable Development Goals

Mariano Votta and Sergio Veroli discuss European citizen engagement and consumer policy in the service of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Green Energy

Green Energy can be generated by renewable, natural energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, wave and tidal power.

These green energy sources are naturally replenished and have a lesser impact on the environment than the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, both of which which take thousands of years to form and in a finite supply.

Green energy is also a preferred power source as it creates less pollution in both it’s extraction and consumption.