New graphene production methods found by HEX 6

HEX 6 Industries Incorporated has discovered new methods for graphene production that will enable commercial volumes of pristine graphene. 

HEX 6 Industries Incorporated have revealed that they have filed patents for their 100% green methods to exfoliate pristine graphene flakes, powder, and sheets. The methods, named ‘The Laird Methods,’ are capable of economically producing significant commercial quantities of pristine graphene. The discovery of these infinitely scalable methods will act as a quantum leap for the industry itself. 

What is graphene?  

Graphene, often referred to as a ‘wonder material,’ is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms. Although the material is the world’s thinnest material, it has a range of outstanding properties that give it an unlimited potential for use in a variety of industries. 

Exfoliated from graphite, the material is known for being lightweight and for its excellent conductivity, strength, and flexibility. It is considered the material with the hardest and toughest crystal structure, stronger than steel or diamond. Because of these properties, graphene is very useful in composite materials with outstanding durability. 

HEX 6’s advances will allow graphene to become a building block of industry 

Bruce Laird, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of HEX 6, led the team in these essential findings. The company’s significant breakthrough in these green nanotechnology processes and resulting nanomaterials will enable the material to become a basic building block of industry. 

Those industries include aerospace, battery, and energy technologies, chip and electronic technologies, concrete and asphalt technologies, composite manufacturing, as well as medical devices and products. The findings make graphene affordable and accessible to use in many commercial applications. 

 About HEX 6 Industries Incorporated 

Founded to develop and market significant advances in green nanotechnology processes and materials, HEX 6 Industries Inc. is an industry-agnostic pure science company. The company markets inventions, patents, and technologies to industry-leading companies that go on to create and improve products of the future using their elemental discoveries. 

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