Providing turnkey solutions to the global energy sector

Matthew Lynn, Managing Director of MGH Offshore, outlines the role of the company in the global energy sector and showcases its recent achievements.

The energy sector has faced massive disruption due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the necessity of breaking away from dependence on Russian fossil fuels. With prices rising, and energy supplies uncertain, it is crucial that a new source of energy is to be secured.

MGH Offshore (MGH) is an engineering and staffing company with the ability to deliver knowledge and expertise within the global energy sector. With extensive experience in renewable energy, the oil and gas industry, and maritime technical operations, the company can deliver support for the energy sector at every project stage. MGH will ensure the next generation of energy experts through its personable, flexible approach to its provided services. To find out more about the company, The Innovation Platform spoke to Managing Director Matthew Lynn.

Can you tell us about your company, your offering, and your goals and objectives in the global energy sector?

MGH Offshore is an electrical engineering, fire safety, programme and project management company providing turnkey solutions to the global energy sector.

MGH was founded to support renewable energy programmes but quickly developed to supporting all areas of the global energy sector both on and offshore. As well as providing consultancy, fire and gas safety, commissioning, staffing and maintenance services, MGH delivers expertise in the following fields:

  • High voltage and low voltage systems;
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing systems;
  • Quality control and remedials;
  • Substation management and operations;
  • Cable installation;
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems;
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning;
  • Helideck fire suppression commissioning;
  • QC sign off for fire and gas insurance purposes; and
  • Planning and construction.

We view 2023 as a year of expansion for MGH as we look to establish a formal presence in Scotland and expand our footprint in the northeast of England. Our aim is to make our services more accessible to our clients in order to allow for continued company growth.

What have recent years looked like for your company?

MGH was launched as a manpower services company in 2017. The team has a background in HV commissioning/electrical engineering in oil and gas, maritime technical operations, and offshore wind (including the world’s largest floating wind farm at Kincardine), and we were one of the very few staffing companies to specialise solely in these areas.

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns proved problematic but did not prevent the company from continuing to fully support our clients. The company thrives on challenges, and during this period we were able to commission several projects within programmes that allowed our clients’ operations to continue seamlessly.

Based on our success in 2020, our clients expanded our scope of operations to include multiple UK sites and three sites across Europe.

Are there any particular achievements you would like to highlight?

MGH was established as a ‘one-man band’ with the aim of being a respected, reliable, honest, and trustworthy company providing proven, quality employees.

MGH now operates across Europe on 11 programmes, providing a full scope of support and commissioning services to our clients. The company has doubled in size in each of the last three years and recently acquired a fire and gas safety solutions company, thus expanding our portfolio of offerings even further.

What are your plans for 2023 and beyond?

As members of Scottish Renewables and NOF, MGH will establish a permanent office in Scotland to allow us to support current clients and operations. We see this as a very positive and strategic move as Scotland is key to the future of MGH due to the focus and initiatives supporting renewable energy and net-zero targets.

Further, MGH is actively looking for new office and maintenance facilities in the Tyne Tees region. The northeast of England will remain our global headquarters location and we are currently in discussions with agencies in Newcastle upon Tyne and Middlesbrough as we select our new location.

We hold quality control close to our hearts and, as such, we look to develop apprentice programmes, graduate programmes, and engage organisations, such as the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), for personnel whom we can develop into skilled personnel for the renewable energy sector.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

MGH has grown year on year since its formation – a trend that we aim to continue. Our offshore wind experience, including floating wind, linked with our fire and gas protective services, allows MGH to be positioned at strategic points in the planning, design, installation, operational, and maintenance process of wind operations. As such, we are currently engaging with potential investors who support our vision for growth and values.

It is a fun and exciting time to be part of MGH Offshore Ltd.

Please note, this article will also appear in the thirteenth edition of our quarterly publication.

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