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Innovative approaches to improved patient care

The InterOrtho Research Group at Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark aims to develop an entirely new research area of improved patient care through advanced sensor technologies.

CowManager: towards successful and sustainable dairy farming

CowManager is the best option to measure cow performance and achieve a successful and sustainable future in global dairy farming.

HV-CMOS sensors – the future of fundamental physics experiments

Dr Eva Vilella-Figueras discusses the revolutionary HV-CMOS silicon sensors her team are developing for fundamental physics experiments.

New mobile air quality research laboratories to study UK pollution

Mobile air quality research laboratories will help experts to analyse how air pollution is formed and what impact it has on the environment.

New alternative to pollutive ferroelectric material used in sensors

Researchers use a technique to explore the structure of a potential alternative to lead titanate, a ferroelectric material used for sensors.

Photonic microcomb could find new exoplanets and monitor people’s health

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have developed a photonic microcomb that could be used to find new exoplanets.

Facing new computing challenges in high energy physics experiments

Professor Xavier Vilasis-Cardona explains why computer scientists are so important to the future of high energy physics experiments.

Researchers successfully integrate 2D materials into semiconductor manufacturing lines

A team from the Graphene Flagship has reported a new way of integrating 2D materials into semiconductor manufacturing lines.

New solar-powered milli-robots can gather data on crop performance and pesticide use

The SOMIRO project has developed swimming, solar-powered milli-robots to gather data on crop performance and pesticide use.

New low-cost sensitive devices could be used in diagnostics of human breath

Researchers have designed an 'electronic nose' to demonstrate their new devices, which be used for noninvasive diagnostics of human breath.

Laser-printed graphene-electrode biosensor can detect blood disorders

Scientists have designed a high-performance laser-printed graphene-electrode biosensor, that can be used to detect blood disorders.

Creator of battery-free wireless sensors receives $35m in funding

Everactive announced today that it has acquired $35m of funding to develop its battery-free wireless sensors.

New plant nanobionic optical sensor that can detect and monitor levels of arsenic in the environment

Scientists have engineered a novel type of plant nanobionic optical sensor that can detect and monitor levels of arsenic in the environment.

New collaboration to facilitate new developments in sensing technologies

A collaboration between the University of Birmingham, BAE Systems, BT, and BP is aiming to bring forth new developments in sensing technologies.

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Special Reports

Achieving net zero goals through optimising nuclear reactor safety

EPRI and Vanderbilt University highlight the importance of incorporating risk insights early in the advanced nuclear reactor design process to shorten schedules and enhance...

A look at historic breakthroughs in flood mapping from space

Dr Guy Schumann, the Founder and CEO of RSS-Hydro, details the fascinating technological evolution of flood mapping from space. The Landsat series of satellites is...

Exploring the pros and cons of nuclear energy

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis discuss evolving public perspectives on the future of nuclear energy in...

Facilitating advanced nuclear reactor technology through fuel innovation

Elizabeth Sooby PhD, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio, discusses the need for fuel innovation and discovery to enable advanced...

Partner News

Hatch to design, test and manage all DLE programmes for LithiumBank

LithiumBank Resources brings on engineering firm Hatch to work directly on the Boardwalk Lithium Brine Project with two direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology companies. LithiumBank...

From Independence Day to energy independence in the US

Brent Wilson, the CEO of Galvanic Energy, discusses the necessity of achieving energy independence and the future of lithium battery production in the US. This...

Argentina Lithium commences lithium exploration at Rincon West

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp announces the commencement of lithium exploration drilling at its Rincon West project in Salta Province, Argentina. At the Rincon West...

Aeramentum Resources Limited launch its initial public offering

Australian Mineral Exploration company Aeramentum Resources Limited, launched its initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange on 17 May, 2022. Aeramentum owns the Treasure...

Special Reports Cont'd

New testing facility to accelerate advanced nuclear technologies

The University of Pittsburgh is developing a pool-type materials testing facility to accelerate advanced nuclear technologies. In order to facilitate advanced nuclear technologies, stable materials...

Developing advanced nuclear reactors using ion irradiation to accelerate neutron damage

Researchers at the University of Michigan are utilising ion irradiation to accelerate neutron damage, thus paving the way for the development of advanced nuclear...

Developing innovative techniques to investigate winter soil processes

Professors Philippe Van Cappellen and Fereidoun Rezanezhad from the Ecohydrology Research Group and Water Institute at the University of Waterloo discuss how they are...

Molten salt reactors: An old technology made new

A nuclear technology, molten salt reactors (MSRs), once considered to power aircraft during the Cold War, is now on the cusp of lighting our...

Partner News Cont'd

Ceylon Graphite: Advancing graphite production through shares offer

Ceylon Graphite Corp. (CYL) has upsized its private placement for gross proceeds of up to $3,500,000 to advance graphite production at its K1 and...

UK and Australia collaboration: Enhancing UK space command capabilities

Northern Space and Security Limited (NORSS) has announced an ARTISM contract that will create a minimum of 13 jobs and enhance the UK's space...

First acetylene-based conductive additives plant to be built in the US

Orion Engineered Carbons (NYSE: OEC), a speciality chemical company, announced plans on 5 May 2022 to build the first US acetylene-based conductive additives plant. It...

Avalon enters into $3,000,000 convertible security funding agreement

Avalon Advanced Materials enters into a $3,000,000 convertible security funding agreement to accelerate separation rapids lithium work. Toronto, ON – Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX:...