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energy storage

Metrology and standards for the UK energy storage industry

Dr Juyeon Park of the National Physical Laboratory discusses the development and commercialisation of high energy density batteries.
regenerative medicine

Addressing the key translational challenges of regenerative medicine

Sophie Mountcastle, Science Manager of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform, describes the current regenerative medicine landscape in the UK.
net zero

Achieving a net zero future for Greater Manchester and beyond

Amer Gaffar, Director of the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre, discusses the challenges involved in creating a low-carbon economy.
lithium-ion batteries

The ReLiB project: optimising material management of lithium-ion batteries

Professor Paul Anderson and Dr Gavin Harper discuss how the ReLiB project will achieve sustainable management and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.
battery fires

Addressing the threat of lithium battery fires in electrical waste

The Batteries Roundtable outline the key advice in their recent report aiming to reduce lithium battery fires and improve the environmental impact of electrical waste and its processing.
water inequity

Eradicating water inequity with the International Water Association

The International Water Association and its members are working to make a world in which water inequity is a thing of the past.
Innovation and sustainability efforts within Norwegian aquaculture

Innovation and sustainability efforts within Norwegian aquaculture

As Norwegian aquaculture continues to grow it is ever more important that we look at ways to minimise the environmental impact of seafood production
diversified battery industry

Australia’s $7.4bn diversified battery industry opportunity

Stedman Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of the FBICRC, details how the diversified battery industry offers a $7.4bn opportunity for Australia.

STFC: Ensuring and supporting the future of UK innovation in science

Professor Mark Thomson, the Executive Chair of the STFC, discusses how the organisation is supporting UK innovation in science.
water turbines

Overcoming the burdens in electricity generation water turbines

Dr Tobias Breitbach discusses small water turbines, their role in decarbonisation, and their barriers to reaching commercialisation.
The Delta variant of SARSCoV2 turns out to be the Devil variant

Understanding the dangers presented by the SARS-CoV2 Delta variant

Professor Sunit K. Singh from the Institute of Medical Sciences at Banaras Hindu University, discusses the SARS-CoV2 Delta variant.
innovation platform

Novel innovation platform designed to meet industry needs

Materize is an innovation platform designed to establish a single point of contact between scientists and industry.
zero-emission mobility

Putting cities at the heart of the transition to zero-emission mobility

Thomas Lymes, Policy Advisor at Eurocities, spoke to International Editor Clifford Holt about the EU’s revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive and the role that cities can play in Europe’s transition to zero-emission mobility.
water pollution

Creating accessible water quality monitoring to combat water pollution

As water pollution continues to rise, we must find ways to put water quality monitoring in the hands of local communities.
3D bioprinting

Reshaping the landscape of 3D bioprinting replacement soft body tissues

Professor Alan Smith discusses a method of using gel particles as a suspending media for 3D bioprinting replacement soft body tissues.
eco battery

Morrow – fuelling the green transition with eco battery technologies

Morrow Batteries AS is positioning itself as a world-leader in the development of sustainable and cost-effective eco battery technologies.

Assessing the environmental impact of spodumene mining and processing

Dr John L Burba, CEO of International Battery Metals Inc, highlights the need to focus on the environmental impact of spodumene mining and the wider lithium production industry.
Conducting astroparticle physics experiments to understand the Universe

Conducting astroparticle physics experiments to understand the Universe

SNOLAB's Senior Research Scientist, Christine Kraus, explains how its latest astroparticle physics experiment - SNO+ - will enrich our understanding of CP-violation and the Universe.
rare Earth minerals

Greenland mine provides unique green opportunity for rare earth minerals

Eclipse Metals is uncovering the exceptional potential of the unique Ivittuut mine site in Greenland, which it acquired earlier this year.
Volt resources

Volt Resources ensure global graphite supply for green energy transition

Volt Resources is developing an integrated mine to the battery graphite supply chain to meet demand of the green energy transition.

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