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cleaner lithium

Cleaner lithium – the Lake solution

Steve Promnitz, Managing Director at Lake Resources, highlights the challenges facing the lithium sector for batteries and EVs and how the company’s flagship Kachi...
earth observation technology

Groundbreaking advances in Earth Observation technology

Margherita Bruscolini, Geospatial Scientist and Drone Pilot at RSS-Hydro, discusses advances in Earth observation technology and introduces WASDI – an interoperable platform facilitating a variety of applications, including disaster response tools.
particle accelerator

The EIC: tremendous potential for particle accelerator technology

Physicist Dr Daria Sokhan discusses how the UK will be at the forefront of development for the EIC particle accelerator in the US. Physicists from...
Bird strike prevention: Reducing the number of collisions between birds and aircraft

Bird strike prevention: Reducing the number of collisions between birds and aircraft

AscendXYZ is disrupting the bird strike prevention market with the world’s first airline-centric solution – Ascend Avian Radar Network (AARN).

Developing EV charging infrastructure to decarbonise transport

Phillippe Vangeel, Secretary General at AVERE, argues that we must develop EV charging infrastructure to decarbonise transport by 2050 and to phase out internal...

Ecohydrology approach to climate change mitigation

Professor Maciej Zalewski, Director of the European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, spoke to Innovation News Network about how...

125 years of synthetic graphite in batteries

Dr Ryan M Paul, Graffin Lecturer for 2021 for the American Carbon Society, details the development of graphite in batteries during the last 125...
physics experiements

Enhancing knowledge with innovative physics experiments

IN2P3 (CNRS)’s Arnaud Lucotte outlines the role of the Laboratory for Subatomic Physics & Cosmology in numerous physics experiments around the world.

EIT InnoEnergy: supporting battery recycling in Europe

Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader for Smart Grid and Energy Storage at EIT InnoEnergy, discusses the investment into French battery recycling start-up, MECAWARE, and the...

A net zero future dependent on the correct rare earth supply

From its critical and heavy rare earths dominant Makuutu Project, Ionic Rare Earths is intent on being a significant player with a long-life, low-cost...
Giving waste value: Utilising biotechnology to convert food waste

Giving waste value: Utilising biotechnology to convert food waste

Ingmar Høgøy, CEO of Greentech Innovators, explains how the company is using biotechnology to convert food waste into single cell protein and organic fertiliser.
M87 galaxy black hole

Photographing the M87 galaxy black hole

Professor Heino Falcke, Radboud University, Nijmegen, spoke to Innovation News Network about the first ever photograph of a black hole - which is situated...

The UK’s road to zero transport emissions

Neil Wallis, Head of Communications at the Zemo Partnership, details the UK’s challenges on its journey to zero transport emissions. In July 2021, the Department...
European transport industry

Electric vehicles – transforming the European transport industry

Swamini Kulkarni, Content Writer for Allied Market Research, analyses how electric vehicles are transforming the European transport industry.

EPSRC outline what is needed to build a sustainable future for the UK

Professor Dame Lynn Gladden, Executive chair of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) outlines their efforts to achieve the UK’s net zero...

The changing face of the Norwegian aquaculture industry

Kristin Langeland, Director of Communications at The Norwegian Seafood Federation, discusses the evolution of the commercial aquaculture industry in Norway and its goals for...
Israel’s EV charging infrastructure

The demands on Israel’s EV charging infrastructure

Idan Liebes, Energy and Smart Mobility Policy Researcher at The Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research discusses Israel’s EV charging infrastructure and the...

Inspiring the cybersecurity experts of the future

WorldSkills encourages young people to learn vital cybersecurity skills by participating in national and global competitions. Innovation News Network spoke to Carla Baker, of Palo...
space sustainability

NORSS: Committed to space sustainability

As the space environment becomes ever more intrinsic to the way we live our lives, Northern Space and Security Limited explains how we can...
Petalite: revolutionising electric vehicle charging

Petalite: revolutionising electric vehicle charging

Petalite are revolutionising electric vehicle charging to change the course of transportation infrastructure and how EVs are charged on land, sea, and air through...

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